Year 4

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Our Class News

News from our 'Traders and Raiders' Creative Learning Project

Viking Attack!

On Tuesday 12th September, Year 4 went on an exciting trip to Murton Park, to fully experience what it was like to be a Viking. The children were greeted by a strong Viking woman named Runa, who prepared them for the day ahead. The children dressed as Vikings and, for one day only, the adults dressed as the children’s slaves! They then made their way to the Viking village where they met ‘My Lord’. Once My Lord had accepted them into his village, it was time to get to work!

Throughout the day the children got to be craftsmen, shaping and decorating their own individual pots, farmers, preparing the land to ensure the crops would grow, they ground the flour for bread-making and collected wood, and they also learnt how to be powerful Viking guards. It was a perfect, fun-filled day that helped kick start our Traders and Raiders topic. The children were wonderfully behaved and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Click on the first picture below to view a photograph selection from our visit to Murton Park.

Click on the image below to watch a video clip of a Viking attack!


Year 4 had an exciting start to the school year, with their visit to Murton Park, launching their first Cornerstones topic – ‘Traders and Raiders’. In their Cornerstones learning, the children learned about significant Viking events and placed them in chronological order, and discovered where the Vikings came from and exactly where they settled, looking at maps of places that were very close to home! They have been busy undertaking research about different aspects of Viking life and with the information they have gathered, they will be producing fascinating fact files next half term.


In English, the children have looked at recounts, using their experiences from Murton Park to write an interesting account of the day’s events. They have also developed their descriptive writing skills, practising the different techniques, such as using adjectives, alliteration, similes and metaphors, and much more! Most recently the children have been looking at the features of suspense writing, in preparation for writing a paragraph full of suspense about Grendel emerging from the fen from the Anglo-Saxon story, Beowulf.


In Mathematics, the children began looking in depth at place value up to 4 digits, identifying, representing and estimating numbers, rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and comparing numbers. They then moved onto recalling multiplication tables up to 12x12, counting in multiples of 6, 7, 9, 25 and 1000 and using factor pairs.


Godly Play
The children have also started Godly Play sessions with the 'Godly Play' team at the Methodist Church. The children thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Methodist Church and meeting Reverend Frank. First, they learned all about his different jobs. Then, the children learned about all the different and important features in the church and took part in a quiz! In the second Godly Play session, Godly Play visited the school and taught the children all about the 10 Commandments. The children had fun learning about these and then enjoyed discussing some of the rules that they have to follow.

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Knights Fighting 

The children took part in role play activities to enact a battle scene and we used this to stimulate our writing 'Who will win?'

Please click on the picture link below to view some of our fantastic home learning project work.

Year 4 Express Event

It was lovely to welcome so many parents/carers and relatives to Year 4’s Viking express event. The children showcased some of their fantastic project work, they demonstrated how to defend a Viking raid and even got the parents to join in!

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News from our 'Road Trip USA' Creative Learning Project

Year 4 children launched their 'Road Trip USA' creative learning project by using their geography and map reading skills to navigate their way to locate famous American landmarks.

Children used their maths and geography skills as they devised programs to move tourists around a map of New York to visit their choice of locations.

Please click on the picture link below to view some of our fantastic home learning project work.

Godly Play

Year 4 classes visited the Methodist Church for a Christmas workshop led by Mr Banks. Children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a variety of craft activities and learned more about the Christmas story.

In our R.E. lessons children learned about the Sikh faith.

Harpinder from Appletree Nursery visited us to help us learn more abut the Sikh faith. We learned about the 5Ks and what is special about a Sikh wedding.

Year 4 designed posters to provide safety advice about using electricity.

In their science lessons children constructed simple series electrical circuits, identifying and naming the basic parts. Children then used their knowledge of circuits to identify whether or not a lamp would light in a simple series circuit and next they incorporated switches in their circuits too. Children then investigated common conductors and insulators of electricity.

Visit to the Sikh Temple

Year 4 were warmly welcomed to the Sikh Gurdwara in Doncaster. Children learned so much from their visit and children were praised by the Sikh faith leaders for their interest and the huge amount of knowledge they already had. Mrs Robinson has certainly done an excellent job in teaching children about the key facts of the Sikh religion! Following our visit to the prayer hall, where the book of Sikh scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib is kept, children enjoyed the 'Langar'. The community kitchen in a Gurdwara is where a free meal is served to all visitors. We learned the free meal is always vegetarian so it is suitable for all visitors. At Langar, all people eat a meal as equals.

The video clip below shows the Kirtan - the singing of hymns from the Guru Granth Sahib.

News from our 'I am Warrior' Creative Learning Project

We started our project with a Roman day provided by museum staff from Murton Park with a Roman Centurion who taught us all about life as a Roman soldier. We learned all sorts of brilliant facts (one of the facts children like to remember the most has something to do with Roman toilet paper…I will say no more!). Children enjoyed an exciting day full of activities including a themed presentation and interactive talk, illustrated with a wide range of authentic artefacts. This was followed with craft and artefact handling activities and an active session practising preparations for a Roman battle. By the end of the day, all children successfully passed their Diploma and are all now fierce members of the Roman Army!

Click on the first picture below to view a photograph selection from our 'I am Warrior' workshop day.

Click on the video clip below to see of the Roman Army training in action.

We have compared images of Roman soldiers and Celtic warriors; we have learned about significant Roman events and have placed them on a chronological timeline; we have looked at images of Boudicca, deciding which images could be true representations and the children carried out research projects about their chosen Roman topic.

In English, we have been writing diaries, first in character as the great Celtic warrior, Boudicca, and then as a strong Roman soldier. We have also written soliloquys, during which the children enjoyed empathising with these historical figures, imagining what they would have been feeling and what thoughts may have been racing through their heads as they were waiting to enter their final battle.

Finally, in English we have focused on Roman gladiators. The children have carried out lots of fascinating research to find out: who the gladiators were; how they trained; what they ate; the different types and their fighting techniques e.g. Murmillo, Retarius, Hoplamachus; their weapons and armour and where they fought e.g. the Colosseum. The children have also taken part in an exciting drama experience where they became gladiators and fought in front of Emperor Titus to inspire them when they came to write their fact filled, dramatic and exciting gladiator commentary.

Please click on the picture link below to view some of our fantastic home learning project work.

In mathematics, we have been busy exploring shape. We began by looking at angles and symmetry and then focused on parallel and perpendicular lines in a variety of 2D shapes. We then used these properties to sort and classify triangles, quadrilaterals and other 2D shapes. Whenever possible, children’s knowledge and understanding has been deepened through challenges. Also, regular consolidation of skills already taught have been revisited through 5 in 5 at the start of lessons.

The lovely people from Godly Play have visited us twice in school and we have also visited the Methodist Church twice this term. During our most recent visit, we focused on the story of Easter and the children thoroughly enjoyed participating in the craft activities. We love visiting the Methodist Church and are always made so welcome!

As part of our commitment to Wider Opportunities, we provide fortnightly Samba lessons for all the children in each Year 4 class. Mr West from the Music Service leads our Samba lessons and our enthusiastic children's drumming may well be heard across Sprotbrough!

'I am Warrior' Parent Express Event

After an exceedingly busy few weeks learning (nearly) all there is to know about the Romans and Celts, we were finally ready to share all of the exciting activities and brilliant work we have done! Our express event was jam-packed (much like the Colosseum) with parents, ready to see what the children have been learning about.

First, the parents were invited into a Roman and Celtic camp on the night before battle where children shared their descriptive soliloquies. They were then transported through the medium of drama to the day of the final gruesome battle between Boudicca and her Celts and the Romans. The children made fantastic use of their impressive Roman and Celtic shields to recreate the battle and after the battle was over, the Romans then demonstrated the different formations: the wedge and the tortoise.

Suddenly, the hall transformed again into the colossal Colosseum and we were able to witness a highly entertaining and dramatic gladiator fight between Maximus, the Samnite and Crixus, the Retarius. Once the battle was over and Maximus was victorious, parents were then challenged to beat the children in a game of Tabla Lusarius; to translate and write in Roman script and explore the fantastic work the children had done for their ‘I Am Warrior’ project.

We have all had a fantastic time during this creative learning project and we were exceedingly proud of how well the children did during our exciting and busy express event! We would also like to thank all parents who helped their children with their Roman and Celtic shields – they looked brilliant!

Miss Tierney and Miss Mellor

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Sporty Week

As part of our Sporty Week children enjoyed learning some new skills, including French skipping and plate spinning!

Our military exercises workshop provided lots of physical challenges and the opportunity to get very muddy.

News from our 'Potions' Creative Learning Project

We launched our science-based project on materials with a visit from a qualified aromatherapist. We were fascinated to learn how much science is involved in the job of an aromatherapist as they blend essential oils (the pure essence from plants) to make products to support people's health and wellbeing. The children enjoyed making bath salts and a chocolate face mask!

In Science, we conducted an amusing ‘Wacky Races’ experiment to investigate the viscosity of different liquids such as lemonade, washing up liquid and tomato ketchup. We also learned all about solids, liquids and gases, making scientific predictions that resulted in much debate about whether certain materials should be classed as solids or liquids due to their specific properties.

Children learned about the properties of liquids, solids and gases using visual and physical representations to show that particles are tightly and uniformly packed in solids, are able to move more freely in liquids (this is why liquids can take the shape of any container they are poured into) and that particles are further apart in gases and occupy all the space available.

Children in Year 4 learned about sublimation (this is when a solid turns into a gas without going through the liquid phase), as you can see from the dry ice experiments below. The pupils learned that water changes state from being a liquid to solid ice at 0°C whereas dry ice, the solid frozen form of carbon dioxide, has a surface temperature of -78.5°C!

'Potions' Express Event

Thank you for your fantastic support of this event. It was lovely that so many parents/carers and relatives were able to attend. Year 4 children worked very hard in their company teams to make a range of bath products including bath salts, lip balms and body oils, beautiful packaging and very persuasive leaflets and posters. We certainly have some budding entrepreneurs and persuasive sales people in Year 4! Following the express event, children were busy counting the money and working out their costs and profit margins. Altogether, the children raised £393! This covers the cost of the aromatherapy workshops sessions and all the extra resources used; the children and teachers will decide how to spend any remaining profit to enhance project learning in class.

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News from our 'Misty Mountain Sierra' Creative Learning Project

As part of their project 'Misty Mountain Sierra', Year 4 predicted how the temperature of iced, hand-hot and room temperature water would change over time and made systematic observations, taking accurate thermometer readings and recording these on a line graph.

In their study of 'My Body', Year 4 took part in practical work to learn about the parts of the digestive system.

Polar and STEM Ambassador Visit

We were delighted to welcome Polar and STEM Ambassador Ricky Munday into school to lead an inspirational session on Antarctic research and operations and his successful ascent of Everest. Ricky's motivational talk captivated the children as he shared the many perils of his expedition, shared photographs and brought along a selection of polar and high altitude mountaineering clothing and equipment. The children were inspired by the key themes of perseverance, resilience, goal-setting and overcoming adversity. The children's interest and enthusiasm was incredible, and they had so many questions to ask afterwards!