Year 5

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Our Class News

News from our 'Pharaohs' Creative Learning Project

Year 5 have made a great start to the year! Kicking off their learning project on Ancient Egypt with a trip to Weston Park, they explored the exhibitions in the museum before undertaking the task of mummification. Extracting brains through the nostrils and placing vital organs in Canopic jars were just a few of the tasks they undertook before making their own ‘shabti’ to be buried alongside ‘Dead Fred’.

Did you know that the Egyptians used to bury their slaves alive alongside their mummified bodies so that they would have a slave in the afterlife? This didn’t last long because the slaves would run away every time someone in the family fell ill. This is why they began making a ‘shabti’ (a small model of a slave) to be buried alongside their mummified remains. All of the children decided that making a ‘shabti’ was much kinder than being buried alive!

Click on the first picture below to view a photograph selection from our visit to Weston Park.

The first half term has been an extremely fun, exciting and hardworking time for everyone in Year 5! In fact, we can’t believe just how much learning we have done in such a short space of time. Miss Blades-Baker and Miss Wright are extremely proud of each and every one of the children.

We started the new academic year by introducing our ‘Pharaohs’ Learning Project. You can imagine the excitement of travelling back in time to the dusty desert of Ancient Egypt! There has been some amazing work completed and fantastic facts shared.

We enjoyed reading our class text 'The Egyptian Cinderella' and it inspired our own writing.

We have developed our historical enquiry skills by finding out about the artefacts discovered in Tutankhamun's tomb. We have undertaken research on famous pharaohs, the role of pharaohs and we have enjoyed presenting our learning in different ways.

The children have created detailed portraits of incredible Pharaohs throughout the period, used their design skills to make glorious canopic jars and written impressive job advertisements for a new King (or Queen) to rule the kingdom.

Our final event was the extremely successful Express Event. The enterprise element made a profit of £121, which we will use to fund part of a future learning project. It was magical for the children to bring all of their learning together in a dramatically fun and exciting way. We are starting our next learning project, 'Stargazers', after half term and we cannot wait.

Year 5 'Pharaohs' Express

Click on the first picture below to view a photograph selection from our Year 5 enterprise express event.

Please click on the picture link below to view some of our fantastic home learning project work.


To read some of the comments from parents/carers and relatives about our express event, please click here.

News from our 'Stargazers' Creative Learning Project

Year 5 made Copley Junior School's latest voyage to the National Space Centre in Leicester to launch the next stage of their 'Stargazers' Science project. What a fantastic venue! The children toured the galleries, which were full of interactive and engaging exhibits, and they also enjoyed a mesmerising planetarium show. The visit really helped to consolidate children's learning about Space, helping them to collect vital information which was used to write our non-chronological reports about the Solar System. The whole day led to extremely engaging conversations in the classroom!

Click on the first picture below to view a photograph selection from the visit.  

National Anti-Bullying Week

Year 5 pupils reflected that it is everyone's responsibility to ensure bullying never happens at our school. They created art work to make sure every child knows that if they see a problem, they must speak up to help keep everyone happy and safe in school.

This half term has been extremely busy in Year 5. From our exciting visit to the National Space Centre to our all-singing, all-dancing Christmas concert I am sure you would agree that the children have had lots of amazing learning experiences!                                                                                                   

In our project work we have explored Space and beyond, which has led us into some amazing research and Science work. Indeed, the children have produced some amazing home learning projects that are creative and enriching. Our English work has allowed us to continue to develop our writing and reading as well as carrying out our own research to present in the form of non-chronological reports. Most recently, Year 5 have been investigating alien sightings and reporting the unusual events to the shocked readers of their newspaper reports.                                                                                               

In Maths we have continued to develop our skill set alongside more difficult ‘mastery’ challenges! We have most definitely needed our growth mind-set and learner values when working on the more in-depth challenges. It has been challenging but at the same time very rewarding for all.                                     

We used our maths skills to work out the scale of our solar system in order to produce this to scale diagram below!

We used our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills to solve space-themed maths calculation problems.

To view some of our fantastic home learning projects, please click on the picture link below. 

Science has involved continuing to develop our inquiry skills as well as creating our own fact files about the Milky Way and beyond. We have also had the opportunity to look in detail at the phases of the Moon, the mechanics behind our eyes and how they work, and we have learned about light creating shadows, night and day and all of the planets in our Solar System. 

In the science investigation below, Year 5 investigated which material would be the most effective for creating an astronaut's space suit.

Year 5 Christmas Concert

Our Year 5 pupils impressed everyone with their wonderful singing as they presented a lively nativity themed performance, ‘C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S spells Christmas’.

News from our 'Time Traveller' Creative Learning Project

‘Time Travels’ when you’re having fun!

The first part of this half term has been an exciting time for Year 5, as they have been time travelling as part of their project.

The children have worked diligently to research what our world has become and what it once was like. Year 5 have discovered how we change as we grow including different life stages, gestation periods of varying mammals and the function and mechanics of our eyes. Children researched the stages of gestation in humans and various animals using photographs, books and laptops and then presented their information in written reports.

Click on the first image below to scroll through more pieces of our science work.

In some of our art work, we created silhouettes to show people at different stages of life.

To view some of our fantastic home learning projects, please click on the picture link below. 

During E-Safety Week we watched a whole school magic show to help us learn about being safe online. All children wrote their own message on a jigsaw puzzle template to show their commitment to #ItStartsWithUs 'Play your part, together we can build a better internet'as you can see from our display below.

As the first half term progressed, the children designed and created their own clocks. They selected famous time quotes and tailored their designs to meet a design brief and specification. The children were young designers and have shown themselves to be really creative learners as they designed, refined and evaluated their work and that of their peers. 

Click on the first picture below to view a selection of our clocks.

Local Study

This half term has been busy as ever! We have been learning about our local area and history through our local study. As part of this study we have enjoyed getting out into the community and investigating the beautiful surroundings. We had the opportunity to take a river walk down to the canal, as well as taking in the beautiful views over the nature reserve.

We have created maps and studied the history of the Copley family as well as having looked into the historical aspects of the village and looked at the listed buildings from around Sprotbrough.

There has also been opportunity for us to develop our understanding of road safety and the importance of active travel through our visits from Modeshift Stars with whom we completed a parking pledge and created 5 and 10 minute walking zones around the school.

To find out more about our active travel campaign, including a map of Sprotbrough showing the five minute and ten minute walking zones, our parking pledge for parents and leaflet about active travel please visit the 'Active Travel' page of the website by clicking here.

During this half term we have continued to develop our creative writing skills by studying a variety of poems and writing our own in the same style. We have developed our reading by learning different techniques that can be helpful when answering test-style questions.

We have kept in touch with our French penfriends by sending them an Easter card and we enjoyed receiving our cards - our pen friends write to us in French so this helps us to develop our French langauge skills. As we attended St Mary's Church for our Easter service, our French friends attended Saint Pierre Church in Carquefou for their Easter service so we exchanged some photos. These can be viewed on our 'International Links' page by clicking here.

All in all, it has been a very exciting term and we are looking forward to seeing in our final term in Year 5.

News from our 'Beast Creator' Creative Learning Project

We launched our project on 'Beast Creator' with a visit to the Tropical Butterfly House in Sheffield. Our visit included a minibeast workshop and handling session, a led session to find out about the conservation and varied talents of parrots, a tour of the Tropical Butterfly House and an exploration of the wildlife park. Children were great detectives, reading all the information boards and observing the wildlife carefully to answer the questions in their booklets.

Year 5 planned an investigation to find out how many worms are living in our school field! After deciding what observations to make, the children gathered and recorded their results and drew conclusions from their data and observations.

This half term has been a busy and exciting experience. We have been learning about all things creepy, crawly and beastly through our Beast Creator learning project. At the beginning of this half term we had the opportunity to conquer our fears and try new things at Robinwood – an experience relished and cherished by all involved! Year 5 also had the opportunity to charm worms on the field and design their own mini-beast during a workshop with our visitor, Miss Hurst.                

In our English work we have continued to develop our use of the Year 5 writing objectives through exciting and engaging writing. We have used persuasive techniques to advertise our own Bug Hotels to encourage high-flying buggy tourists to unwind within our 5 star all-inclusive resorts. There were some very imaginative ideas such as relaxing mud baths/spas for worms and all you can eat aphid buffets for ladybirds. Using our wealth of knowledge of critters all over the world, Year 5 have written fascinating non-chronological reports about their own imaginary creatures.


In Maths we have continued to consolidate our learning from previous projects and are striving to challenge ourselves through the use of ‘Mastery’ challenges. We have developed strong methods to combat these and our learner values help us to have the right resilient attitude towards the more complex challenges.

In Science we have created detailed food chains, deciding whether or not certain mini-beasts and mammals are producers, primary, secondary or tertiary consumers, as well as studying the anatomy and life-cycles of popular insects.  

Our Art and Design skills have also been put to the test this half term as we learned how to sketch and shade shapes to create a more realistic image, rather than a simple pencil drawing. The children have all taken to this extremely well with some commenting on how our focus on Art in this project has really helped to boost their confidence!  

To view some of our fantastic home learning projects, please click on the picture link below.

Year 5 shared their learning about minibeasts at their parent express. Parents/carers and relatives were treated to a drama presentation, in which each group of minibeasts tried to persuade the audience of their superiority to other minibeasts. After sharing how worms, spiders, bees, butterflies and spiders all support the wonderful world of nature, parents took part in a secret ballot to see which group of minibeasts ruled the day.

Please click on the carousel images below to browse through our photographs.

To read some of the parent/carer and relative comments following our 'Beast Creator' express, please click here.

News from our 'Alchemy Island' Creative Learning Project

To launch their creative learning project, 'Alchemy Island', Year 5 observed and tested environmental samples from unknown locations across Alchemy Island.

For their Design Technology work Year 5 designed their own board games on the theme of 'Alchemy Island' and devised clear and succinct rules. The classrooms were filled with laughter and challenge as parents/carers and grandparents were invited to play the games.