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Northumberland 2017

Magical Mystical Words...

Teacher Blogger (Blogger) on: Northumberland 2017

Today was the day, Hogwarts here we come!

We made our way to Alnwick after breakfast and grabbing our packed lunches. When we arrived, we headed straight to the Knight's Quest and explored some activities and games involving the stocks and target practice (poor Ms Newton unwittingly volunteered!). Then we ventured to the huge cannons that lined the ramparts and the perfect selfie spot.

Continuing around the huge grounds of the castle, we explored several mini museums with fascinating artifacts and information. Then we ventured up onto the castle walls and peeped through the archery slots. Next was a short tour of the state rooms, where the Percy family still live in the winter months. There were gasps of awe when the children saw the crystal chandeliers and gold plated ceiling...

Lunch followed before the main event... flying lessons! The children had a fantastic time and you will soon see all the brilliant photos on the website. It definitely tested our photography skills!

The shop came next and the children excitedly explored before leaving with much lighter wallets (and a few swords...).

Back to Seahouses we went for a visit to the local gift shop. What a bazaar! There was some very interesting purchases, which you will soon find out about...

Finally it was time for our last visit to the beach, and what a lovely evening it was. As the sun went down, the children played cricket, paddled in the sea and caught lots of crabs.

The children are now all tucked up in bed ready for the final day tomorrow visiting Vindolanda before the coach ride home.

This will be the last blog post from our fantastic trip but twitter will continue to be updated tomorrow including our expected arrival time back at Copley.

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Boats, Birds and Dunstanburgh

Teacher Blogger (Blogger) on: Northumberland 2017

Today was action packed!

A good night was had by all and so after a hearty breakfast we jumped on the coach and headed to Crastor. From there, we hiked to Dunstanburgh Castle, which could be seen from quite a distance away. Once there, we explored the ruins and trekked to the top of one of the towers for an incredible view of the sea and landscape.

Further along the walk, found us at 'The Sand Dunes' - an event which was a highlight in the itinerary for many! Star jumps, forward rolls, and pencil rolls were all seen. Much braver than us teachers and the goggles were very much needed! 

After a quick bus ride back, we sat in the sunshine and ate our packed lunches. 

Next was a walk to the harbour to board 'Glad Tidings IV'. There was a few nervous faces but after a few songs we were enjoying the views whilst riding the waves. We couldn't believe the amount of birds we could see on the islands. After a tour of the islands, we were dropped off at Inner Farne. It was a good job we had our bobble hats on, the birds were doing everything they could to protect their nests.

The journey back from the island was much quicker but as we were going against the waves - it was quite a bit wetter! Some girls even put their goggles on!

The day ended with a tea of mince and dumplings before another trip to the beach. The children even ventured into the sea... a rather cold choice but they enjoyed it!

The children are now all up in bed, falling asleep much earlier than yesterday (and the teachers won't be far behind!). Especially as we can't wait for Alnwick castle tomorrow!


What a first day!

Teacher Blogger (Blogger) on: Northumberland 2017

After a cheery goodbye, we set off on our adventure. A short couple of hours later (which involved A LOT of singing), we arrived at Beamish Museum.

A tram met us and we trundled to the old town. We explored some very interesting sights in the 1900s . In the dentists we saw some horrifying apparatus, touched real gold in the bank and bought a fair few sweets in the confectioner's shop. 

After enjoying our packed lunches, we walked to the old coal drift mine. With our hard hats firmly on our heads, we ventured into the small, dark tunnels. We were all very brave and experienced the challenges that a coal miner would face. The children were surprised by a well deserved ice-cream and devoured them very quickly before exploring the old school room and local houses.

Back to the bus we then went, to continue our journey to the hotel. A highlight was spotting the sea out of the coach window for the first time. 

We arrived at the hotel, unpacked and enjoyed a delicious meal of fish and chips. Then it was time for the beach! Something which a lot of the children were looking forward to. We explored the rock pools, played cricket and buried each other in the sand! 

After a drink and biscuit, the children tidied up their rooms and fell fast asleep. We look forward to another action packed adventure tomorrow.


Getting Ready...

Teacher Blogger (Blogger) on: Northumberland 2017

Hope you are looking forward to the Year 6 Residential Visit to Northumberland. Start packing your bags and remember that the Parent Booklet, with the suggested kit list and all the reminders you will need, is shared on the school website. There is a quick link to this on the home page. See you bright and early at 8.00 a.m. for an 8.30 a.m. departure on Tuesday 13th June. Keep checking our Twitter for updates throughout the visit. The Blog will be updated daily and we request that parents/carers post one comment during the visit to ensure that we have time to read them all out.