Sports Competitions

Sporting Achievements 2017-2018


Cross Country Success – Bentley and Ridgewood Champions

Well done to our cross country team, as they competed at Sunnyfields Primary on 28th September 2017 in our first tournament of the school year with great success.

 Overall the team won many medals and four trophies as follows:

Year 3 / 4 girls – overall winners

Individual winner – Amelia D

Year 3 / 4 boys – overall winners

Individual winner – Luke B

Year 5 / 6 girls - overall winners

The points were then totalled from all the Year 3 / 4 and Year 5 / 6 girls’ and boys’ races.

Overall champions of the Bentley and Ridgewood Pyramids – Copley Junior

Well done to everyone in the team for competing with determination and enthusiasm and for demonstrating great sporting behaviour.

Cross Country Success County Finalists!

Well done to our cross country team, as they competed on 5th October 2017 at the Doncaster cross country finals. There are over 100 primary schools across Doncaster and, as champions of two pyramids, our pupils competed against over 400 pupils in 23 teams at the Doncaster Finals.

The results were as follows:

Year 3 / 4 girls – 3rd place

Year 3 / 4 boys – 3rd place

Year 5 / 6 girls – 7th place

Year 5 / 6 boys – 7th place

The Year 3 / 4 girls’ and boys’ teams will now compete at the county finals.

 We are very proud of our sporting success at Copley as we are now competing at county level in three areas – cross country, gym and cricket.

Well done to the Year 5/6 Football Team

Well done to our football team, who competed against over 20 school teams at the Year 5/6 Doncaster Football Championships on 27th October 2017.

The team lost one match, drew in all their other matches and great team work led to a fantastic goal. The team demonstrated fantastic sporting behaviour throughout and were a credit to our school.

Our Team Photo

Relaxing and celebrating afterwards!

Indoor Athletics Success

Our Year 6 Athletics team had a very active afternoon at Dearne Valley Leisure Centre on Wednesday 24th January 2018 as they competed at the Indoor Athletics Tournament in a great variety of track and field events. In all, members of our Copley team won seven events:

1 lap individual hurdles for boys – Josh L – 1st place

1 lap individual hurdles for girls – Abbie W – 1st place

2 lap individual hurdles for girls – Tilly S – 1st place

2x3 lap distance race boys – Nathan S and Finn B – 1st place

2x3 lap distance race girls – Mia M and Jenny M – 1st place

4x1 lap sprint relay boys – Max T, Finn B, Ben W and Jamie W – 1st place

Standing long jump girls – Jenny M – 1st place

The tournament was a very competitive event with three heats in many events to reach the finals and Miss Hull reported that she and Miss Newton were so proud of the children’s sporting behaviour, team work and support of each other. Well done to all the pupils in the team, who achieved 3rd place overall in the event.

Cross Country - County Finals Success

Many congratulations to our Year 3-4 cross country teams who competed in the county finals on 7th February following their earlier success at the Doncaster Championships.

 On a decidedly chilly afternoon, our intrepid teams competed at the South Yorkshire Finals at Cannon Hall against 550 finalists from across Doncaster, Barnsley, Rotherham and Sheffield. This was a great opportunity for our pupils to compete at an elite event. We are so proud of all the children as they demonstrated great effort, stamina, enthusiasm and sporting behaviour.

Our Year 3-4 boys came third in county, which is a fantastic achievement!

Intra-School Mini Olympics

As part of their project on 'Gods and Mortals', a History based project on Ancient Greece, our two Year 3 classes took part enthusiastically in an ‘Olympic style’ competition using javelins, discus and shot put. We were very impressed with the skills of the pupils. The results were as follows:

Shot Put - 1st Harry A (14.2m), 2nd Finley J (12.7m), 3rd Alfie T and Isaac O'D (12.6m)

Javelin - Alfie T (13.8m), Danny E (12.8m), Jay P (11.7m)

Discus - Alfie T (15.4m), Henry F (15.2m), Henry C (15.1m)

Competitions Display Board

We share our sports competition involvement and success on the display board below.

Sporting Achievements 2016-2017

Indoor Athletics

Well done to our Athletics team who competed against other local schools at Dearne Valley. Our pupils demonstrated enthusiasm and excellent sporting behaviour throughout, achieving good success in some events and they gained 3rd place overall.

Intra-School Mini Olympics

As part of their project on 'Gods and Mortals', a History based project on Ancient Greece, our two Year 3 classes completed an ‘Olympic style’ competition using javelins, discus and shot put. We were very impressed with the skills of the pupils. Stanley came first in the discus throwing a distance of 15.4m (he actually came in second place too!), Drew threw the longest javelin distance with 12m and Eric was the winner of the shot competition with a distance of 11.3m.

Congratulations to our Gym Team - Success at County Level!

Our gymnastics club has been very popular once again this year and there was a keenly contested intra-school competition to select our gymnastics team. Well done to members of the gymnastics team who have done so well to compete at county level by reaching the Yorkshire Championships. The children's performance was excellent and we are very proud to share they came 3rd for the whole of Yorkshire!

Cross Country Success

We are delighted that 51 children joined our extra curricular cross country club. During their training sessions children developed their technique and stamina and we saw great effort in our intra-school competition to select our 2017 cross country team.

Our team took part in Doncaster’s Cross Country Championship and competed with determination, demonstrating great sporting behaviour.

We are proud to share that we had some fantastic individual successes:

Under 9 years Boys – 3rd place

Under 11 years Boys – 1st place

Our team was placed 3rd overall for the whole event so congratulations to everyone. Thank you to Miss Hull and other staff members who gave their time on Saturday to cheer on the team. I am sure you will agree that the team look very smart in their new team tabards, kindly funded by one of our parents.

Pyramid Cricket Champions, Doncaster Cricket Champions and Yorkshire County Finalists

Well done to our cricket team who competed successfully against other schools to become Ridgewood Pyramid Cricket Champions. Our team progressed to the Doncaster Finals and the team won that also, so we are now Doncaster Cricket Champions. We then played in the county finals in Leeds and we are proud to share the team came 10th for the whole of Yorkshire.

Intra-School Multi Skills Competition

Thank you so much to Miss Keep who has really engaged children across school with our new intra-school Multi Skills Competition. Children have practised their skills over a number of weeks, have recorded their scores and have been very keen to improve their personal performances. The final results were announced and certificates presented to the following children in our Achievement Assembly:

Highest Scoring Girl and Boy

Year 3 – Emelia D (570) and Luke B (554)

Year 4 – Connie M (562) and Jude T (620)

Year 5 – Ella S (571) and Joshua C (635)

Year 6 – Georgia F (752) and William L (612)


Most Improved Boy and Girl

Year 3 – Luke C-S and Emily T

Year 4 – Joshua H and Meghan J

Year 5 – Joshua L and Brooke C

Year 6 – William L and Maisey D


Highest Scores for each event within the time limit set:

Skipping: Georgia F (151)

Step Ups: Sophie M (85)

Sit Ups: Peyton H and Madeleine W (56)

Sprint: Too close and too many to call!

Basket Ball Bounce: Billy J (165)

Star Jumps: Brooke C (146)

Long Jump: Billy J (1.89m)

Miss Keep has recorded all the children’s scores so that when we hold our Intra-School Multi Skills Competition in 2018 the children can keep track of their sporting improvements year on year.

In our Achievement assembly we shared the overall results:

1st place – Einstein House with 20 740 points

2nd place – Hawking House with 19 617 points

3rd place – Darwin House with 18 315 points

4th place – Hodgkin House with 17 217 points

Blue ribbons for Einstein House have been tied to our new trophy which is displayed in our trophy cabinet. We wait to see which House will triumph in our 2018 Multi Skills Competition!

Sports Afternoon

We had a fantastic level of support from parents and relatives at our Sports Afternoon. Children had an active afternoon, taking part in cricket and rounders matches as well as track events and our exciting spoke relay event. The children displayed excellent sporting behaviour throughout.

Points were collected from each event and our results were as follows:

1st Hawking - 216 points

2nd Darwin - 201 points

3rd Einstein - 198 points

4th Hodgkin - 186 points

Congratulations to Hawking House who will have the red ribbons on our Sports Day trophy until next year.

Sports Festival at the National Institute of Sport

As part of our local partnerships in P.E. and Games, we were invited to take part in an inter-school Sports Festival at the National Institute of Sport in Sheffield. This was a great opportunity for children to engage in sport with other schools at a world class sporting facility. Each school represented a different country – we embraced Jamaica!

School Games Award

The School Games Mark is a Government led awards scheme that aims to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. In July 2017 we achieved the Bronze School Games Award.