Copley School Association

The Copley School Association (CSA) is a group of parents and teachers who volunteer their time to support the school by raising funds to pay for extras for the children.

All parents/carers of children at Copley are automatically members of CSA, and are warmly invited to attend meetings or support at events to help raise as much money as possible to support children in school. Don’t panic though – there’s no obligation to take part, it’s just that it’s always easier to run events and raise vital funds if more people are able to give their time to help. Many hands make light work!

2017 - 2018 was a hugely successful year for fundraising, with events including a Mother’s Day Shop, Bingo Evening, Sponsored 'Word in a Word' Competition, Bags2School Collections, Father's Day Craft Event, Summer Fair, Purple Voucher Book, Coppers for Copley, Christmas Cards and the Christmas Fair.

To read the Treasurer's Report for 2017-2018, which details how much was raised and how this has been spent on the children in school, please click here.

2018-2019 Minutes

Click here to read the minutes of the September 2018 meeting and AGM

Click here to read the minutes of the October 2018 meeting

2017-2018 Minutes

Click here to read the minutes of the November 2017 meeting

Click here to read the minutes of the January 2018 meeting

Click here to read the minutes of the February 2018 meeting

Click here to read the minutes of the April 2018 meeting

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Upcoming meetings in school are shared below:



Whilst our established events work well and raise us money, we’re always looking out for new events so if you have any ideas, please do share them with us. We try to offer a range of events – some large like our Fairs, and smaller events too like the Beetle Drive and Bingo Evening.

It’s great to be able to support the school in this way and provide the children with resources that they might otherwise not have access to. It’s hard work though and we can only do it with your support.

SO: do see if you can help us with any of the following:

1) Do you have any ideas we can use to fundraise?
2) Can you attend meetings and support the development of our fundraising programme?
3) Can you help by donating raffle prizes?
4) Can you help at events by ‘manning’ a stall?

We are all busy people and there’s every chance that you might not be able to help us at all. If you can support us by helping at events but can’t get to meetings, that’s fine. If you can attend meetings but can’t help at events – no worries. We’re grateful for any input you are able to give us.

So go on – take the plunge and help us to raise even more money to make our children’s learning experiences at this young age even more exciting, helping them to create treasured memories that will last a lifetime.

Contact: School Office on 01302 856445 or email us at:


Do you know a company that would be willing to matchfund our Christmas or Summer Fair? Many companies and organisations are interested in charitable giving through matchfunding - do you work for one that could help us?

A letter about matchfunding and a list of businesses who support this is available by clicking here.

CSA News and Events 2018-2019

CSA Bingo

When offered the choice of a CSA Beetle Drive or Bingo Evening, children voted for a Bingo Evening. Games were played very competitively and with great concentration in order to win prizes for a line and a full house.

Young Shakespeare Company

Thank you to the CSA for helping to part fund the cost of the Young Shakespeare Company visit. This gives our pupils in Years 5 and 6 the opportunity every year to watch, and get involved in, an immersive performance of a Shakespeare play.

On Monday 15th October children in Year 5 and 6 enjoyed a performance and workshop session of ‘Macbeth’ led by the Young Shakespeare Company. This provided children with a very engaging experience of Shakespeare. Thank you to the CSA!

Purple Voucher Book Scheme

Thank you to everyone who supported the Purple Voucher Scheme this year - a great way to save money and support our school at the same time!


Bags2School collections are organised through the year. Old clothing etc. is weighed by the company and funds are raised by the CSA. It is a great way to recycle unwanted items and to raise funds to benefit the children.

Christmas Cards

Well done to pupils who created beautiful and creative Christmas card designs. These were professionally printed ready for families to send at Christmas time.  

Christmas Fair

Our Christmas Fair was very busy and we greatly value the support of parents/carers, relatives, friends of the school and our local community business links for making the event such a success. Many stalls and activities were organised including face painting, nail art, tombola, a raffle, cakes and refreshments, hot dogs, Christmas crafts, robin pom poms, silent auction, games such as racing penguins, 'guess the name', chocolate tombola and even, fitting us in during his busy schedule, Father Christmas in his grotto. We raised an amazing £

CSA News and Events 2017-2018

CSA Support for House Leader Christmas Competitions

The CSA kindly funded prizes for the House Leader Christmas Competitions:

The House leaders did a great job organising competitions for their House members and the winners were delighted with their prizes.

Hodgkin – Design a Christmas Cracker

Einstein – Design a Reindeer

Hawking - Design a Robin

Darwin – Reindeer Treasure Hunt

Coppers for Copley

Thank you to parents/carers for supporting the penny jar collection. Each class has counted the contents of their class jar and the CSA kindly agreed to double this. The project has supported children to consider the benefits of saving. Each class now has the fun of choosing how to spend their savings. We will let you know once the choosing has taken place!

The totals for each class (including the matched funding) are as follows:

Emerald - £28.52

Topaz - £35.00

Jet - £49.10

Diamond - £68.14

Pearl - £97.12

Opal - £98.62

Aquamarine - £109.85

Amethyst - £119.02

This represents fantastic saving from just 1p and 2p coins. I am sure the children will have great fun choosing how to spend their savings before the end of term.

CSA Snowman Drive

Our Snowman Drive saw many competitive, fast paced fun rounds with small prizes for each round and Doncaster Rovers tickets for our overall winner.

'Word in a Word' Competition

Who knew there were so many words that could be found in the phrase 'Copley Junior School Association Sprotbrough'! Well done to all the children who took part in this competition and came up with so many answers.

Mother's Day Shop

Thank you to everyone for the lovely gifts you so generously donated for our Mother's Day Shop. We are also grateful to our local Tesco and Morrison's for their kind donations.

The children had so much fun choosing their gift - they thoroughly enjoyed browsing and making their selection! Each gift was then wrapped by CSA members and the children wrote their gift label, so they were all prepared for Mother's Day.

Thank you to all the CSA members who supported this enjoyable event. This event made a profit of £175 which will go towards our fund raising for laptops; thank you for your support.

CSA Support for House Leader Easter Competitions

The CSA kindly funded prizes for the House Leader Easter Competitions:

Hodgkin – Design a Bunny

Einstein – Design an Easter Egg

Hawking - Easter Treasure Hunt

Darwin – Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Well done to our super-organised House leaders, who enjoyed planning and leading Easter competitions for all the children to enter. The children were all very keen to take part and, thanks to the CSA, we had many prizes to award.

Father's Day

Children thoroughly enjoyed designing and creating a lovely mug for a special gift for Father's Day.

Summer Fair 2018

Our Summer Fair was a great success and we are grateful for the generous support of parents/relatives, children, our generous sponsors and kind support from local businesses. Our Year 6 entrepreneurs did a fantastic job, designing and leading games for all the children in school to play. For the last hour of the day, children thoroughly enjoyed playing these. Year 6 children raised an amazing £366 for their games, which is remarkable from games at 10p a go, 20 for 5 throws etc.

Altogether, the Summer Fair raised £1643! We are very grateful to everyone for your support. The additional funds used help us to purchase resources to support children's learning, including iPads and new laptops.

Following the suggestion from a parents about a Lego club, we were amazed by the children's enthusiastic response to this as a possible new after school activity. The profits from our bingo evening enabled the CSA to purchase two sets of Lego but we are keen to source as much Lego as we can.

'Coppers for Copley' Match Funding

After all their saving of coppers, the children in each class had the fun of choosing what to spend their money on. This was matched by the CSA so the children had twice as much to spend. Children chose a variety of fun activities, including the hire of a bouncy slide and an afternoon of active games, ipads, craft activities and bun decorating (followed by tasting!) in Year 3  and an afternoon of military exercises with Scotty's Heroes followed by a visit from the Vintage ice cream van for Year 4.

Highlights from Previous CSA News and Events  

Sponsored Matchbox Cram and Design Competition

Children were invited to enter this fun half term competition. Children were asked to cram as many items as they could into a matchbox. There were chocolate prizes for the highest total in each class and a £10 gift voucher for the overall winner. There was an additional prize for the child with the best decorated top face of the matchbox. We raised just over £700, so thank you so much for your great generosity. This will greatly support CSA fund raising as we save to buy ipads for the children.

If you have ever wondered how many items can be crammed in a matchbox, we now know the answer lies with our overall winner Jenny M, who crammed in an amazing 162 items!

Featured below, are the winning designs for the 'best decorated matchbox category'. 

Father's Day Craft Event

Our Father's Day craft event was well attended. Children chose a card template and envelope to decorate at home and made either a key ring or a coaster from craft kits.

Investment in Reading Books

Thank you so much to CSA members and all our parent/carer community for the support you give us. The CSA contributed an amazing £2000 towards our £8000 investment in new reading books. This has had a significant impact on children's interest and enthusiasm in reading. 

Investment in ICT

We have made significant investment in ICT with new sets of laptops. We are very grateful as the CSA purchased three new lockable laptop trolleys so the laptops can be charged and stored securely.

Investment in iPads

We are very grateful to members of the CSA who purchased a new set of iPads for the children to use as a result of their fund raising efforts. We are also very grateful to one of our parents who made a very generous contribution towards the cost of our iPads.

CSA Beetle Drive

Our Beetle Drive was a fun family evening of fast paced games! Prizes were given for the highest scores, the lowest score and also for the most creatively drawn beetles. Thank you for your support at this event.