Governing Body


Members of the Governing Body

Mrs L. Pickles Co-opted Governor; Chair of the Governing Body
Mr G. Rimmington Local Authority Governor; co-Vice Chair of the Governing Body
Mrs M. Williamson Parent Governor; co-Vice Chair of the Governing Body
Mrs E.A. Crayton Head teacher; Ex Officio
Mrs G. Sharpe Parent Governor
Mrs L. Henfield Co-opted Governor
Mr R. Twiby Co-opted Governor
Mr F. Booler Co-opted Governor
Mrs L. Wilkinson Co-opted Governor
Mrs H. Gray Staff Governor
Miss A. Blades-Baker Associate Member, Deputy Head teacher

Instrument of Government

The composition of the Governing Body is set out in the Instrument of Government below.


Governing Body Policy Documents

Some key Governing Body policies can be found below. We hope you find these informative and that they help you to find out about the work of the Governing Body.

Governing Body Code of Conduct

The Governing Body of Copley Junior School has adopted the Local Authority 'Governing Body Code of Practice', to ensure that all Governors are aware of and accept a collective responsibility in the way that they work corporately and with each other, honour confidential material and vote on specific issues. To read the Governing Body Code of Conduct, please click here.

Governors' Visits to School

Governors visit school regularly to find out about the work of the school and to offer both support and challenge. To read our Governors' Visits to School Policy, please click here.

Governor Induction Pack

The Governor Induction Pack is shared with new governors as they join the Governing Body. The Governor Induction Pack provides information about the different committees and the different roles within the Governing Body. To read the Governor Induction Pack, please click here.

Governors' Allowances Policy

All schools are required to have a policy for Governors' Allowances. To read the Governors' Allowances Policy, please click here. During 2016-2017 the total claimed for governors' necessary allowances was £0.

Compliance with Statutory Policies

The Department for Education publishes a list of the statutory policies and documents that schools are required to have in place. One of our governors has governor responsibility to monitor and ensure that all statutory requirements are in place.

To refer to our list of statutory policies and documents, and where you can access these, please click here.


Register of Interests

Governing Bodies of maintained schools have a duty to publish their Register of Interests.  The register includes the following details:

  • Business interests
  • Other educational establishments where they are a governor
  • Family relationships between Governors and members of staff at this school
Name of Governor Any Interest Declared
Details of any
Business Interest
Details of any other
Educational Establishments
where Governors
Details of any
relationships with
Governor/Staff Members
Mrs L Pickles  No None None None
Mr G Rimmington Yes YPO Senior Officer None None
Mr F Booler No None None None
Mr P Wilkinson
No None None Husband to Mrs Wilkinson, governor
Mrs L Henfield Yes  Lynn Henfield Education Ltd.  None Mother in law to Mrs Henfield, teacher
Mr R Twiby No None None None
Mrs L Wilkinson No None None Wife to Mr Wilkinson, governor  
Mrs M Williamson Yes  Self-employed: The Custom Cakery  None    None
Mrs G Sharpe No  None None  None
Mrs H Gray Yes Husband is commercial manager at nps Barnsley, a potential contractor to the school None None
Mrs EA Crayton No No None None

Miss A Blades-Baker (Associate Member)

No No None None


Governor Roles/Responsibilities and Attendance at Meetings 2017 - 2018

In the table below each governor is listed, together with their designation (parent governor, Local Authority governor, co-opted governor etc.), their term of office, the committees they serve on, their specific responsibilities, and their attendance at meetings.

Governing Body Committee Membership 2017-2018

In the table below please find details of all the Governing Body committees at Copley Junior School.