School Council

Our School Council is made up of two pupils from each class who are democratically elected to represent the views of all pupils and they work together to make Copley Junior an even better school. School Council members meet to discuss many different aspects of school life and have a big say in how our school is run.


Our School Council 2018-2019

 Chair of the School Council - Matilda R, Year 6

 Year 3

Pearl – Ronnie J and Theo W

Opal – Abigail L and Oscar T

Year 4

Emerald – Anna W and Sufyan A

Aquamarine – Jude B and Evie P

Year 5

Diamond – Martin S and Chloe C

Topaz – Gracie D and Isabella F

Year 6

Amethyst – Louis W and Scarlett L

Jet – Darcey W and Sienna S


How do I get elected if I want to become part of the School Council?

Elections for the School Council are held every year in the Autumn term. If you have just served on the School Council for the previous year, we ask that you do not stand again for the next year, as we like to give different children the chance to take part.

At School Council election time, all children in school are invited to stand if they are interested. You will need to prepare a short speech to persuade class members to vote for you! You might like to prepare a campaign poster or write some notes to help you. Share with your class all the reasons why you would make a great Class Councillor – perhaps you are full of good ideas, a good listener, maybe you are good at organising events and enthusiastic about making Copley Junior even better.

After you have shared your ideas with your class, everyone in your class will be asked to vote. The elections for School Council are a good example of democracy; this means everyone in your class has the chance to be involved in deciding who will be the Class Councillors, as everyone has a vote. We use a ballot box and votes are counted by pupil returning officers. Our elections run just like the General Election that decides who is in government for the country.


Who is the lead teacher for the School Council?

Miss Tierney leads on this aspect of school life. She attends all the meetings and oversees the work of the School Council. She is very enthusiastic and loves working with the School Council!

When do the School Council meet?

The School Council meets regularly through the school year. The School Council display board outside the hall and this website page give you information about what the School Council have been working on. The agendas and minutes for the meetings are on display on the School Council board and the minutes are on this website page also.

I am not a member of the School Council. How are my views and ideas listened to?

If you have a great idea or something you want the School Council to discuss, please use the suggestions box outside the school hall or speak to your Class Councillor. Your Class Councillors are the link between the class and the School Council. When the School Council is taking forward an action e.g. choosing new class names, they will come back to your class for your ideas and they will then share these at the School Council meeting so that everyone’s views are considered.

How can I find out more about the work of School Councils?

You can visit the CBBC Newsround website to find out more about being in a School Council. Click on the link below.


School Council Minutes

Keep in touch with the work of the School Council by reading the minutes of our meetings. Please click on the links below:

Minutes from 2018-2019 will appear here...


School Council Work

Pupil Survey

Our most recent survey was formulated by members of the School Council and was completed by every pupil in school. The results will help to guide our next steps as we continue to develop provision at Copley Junior. The School Council will have a meeting to discuss the results and will share these with all the pupils and help us to decide on our next steps.

Children in Need

We planned lots of activities to have fun and raise money for Children in Need. We designed a poster to send home with the details of our events.

In November 2017 our School Council organised a fun day to help raise funds for Children in Need. We enjoyed coming to school in our pyjamas, onesie or casual clothes. Our teddies enjoyed coming to school for the day and were very well behaved. At break time we had a cookie and bun sale, children could guess the name of the teddy and have a go at guessing how many sweets were in the jar. We announced the results of the two competitions in our Friday Achievement Assembly. Well done to William S, who made the closest guess for how many sweets were in the jar and to Charlie R, who won the teddy by guessing the correct name - which was Charles!

Thank you to all the children who brought donations on the day, and to parents/carers who were so generous in sending donations for the bake sale. Well done to all the children in the School Council for organising such a successful day. We raised an amazing £421 to thank you to everyone for your generous support!

Please click on the first image below to view our gallery of Children in Need photos.

Our School Code of Conduct

 Members of the School Council worked with Class Councils to formulate our Copley Code of Conduct.


Changes to the School Lunch System

Members of the School Council led consultation with children in all classes about changes to the school lunch system. You can see the results of the vote below. As a result, the new school dinner system was introduced.

Year 2 Welcome Booklet

The School Council designed and prepared a Welcome Booklet for our Year 2 children who are joining us in September. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Are You Interested in Joining the School Council?

Thinking about applying for the role of School Council member next year? Have a look at the application form below so that you can be well prepared!