Copley Junior School

Our Learner Values

At Copley Junior School, we believe in developing the ‘whole child’. Our Learner Values support our school ethos of helping children to develop important life skills and are embedded throughout our school and our curriculum.

Our seven Copley Junior School Learner Values were chosen by a whole school pupil vote as well as discussions with our teaching team, governors and the Parent Forum. The logo was designed as part of a pupil competition too! 


Our seven Copley Junior School Learner Values are:


  • Value yourself
  • Treat others as you expect to be treated
  • Look after our resources and our school
  • Understand and celebrate that we are all different


  • Take on challenges 
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Keep on trying hard


  • Be confident
  • Trust in your abilities
  • Aim high


  • Find out information yourself
  • Use your own effort to gain knowledge and understanding
  • Develop the skills to look after yourself


  • Unlock your imagination
  • Be original
  • Develop your individual gifts and abilities
  • Engage in a wide variety of experiences


  • Work and cooperate well with others
  • Listen to and encourage others


  • Play and work well with others
  • Be kind, polite and caring

Our Learner Values are displayed all around school including our classrooms, the hall and our Main Reception area

Every academic year, we work collaboratively as a school community to create our central Learner Values display. It always involves all the children in school and represents our values for learning, especially team work and creativity! This year (2021-2022), our display includes a balloon from every pupil in school as part of our 'Up!' inspired display. 

For our display below, all the children designed and coloured a feather for our theme to promote self-belief: 'Your wings already exist; all you have to do is fly!'

For our display below, all the children designed and wrote their name on a note for our theme 'We are each a single note but together we make a symphony.'

For our display below, all the children designed and wrote their name on a fish for our theme 'We may be different fish but at Copley we all swim together.'

Celebrating Learner Values

We are keen to celebrate the children's success in demonstrating our seven Copley Junior Learner Values. Each child in school has their own 'Learner Values' card and adults in school award a sticker when they note a child successfully demonstrating a Learner Value, for children to stick in their card. When children collect ten stickers for any Learner Value, they receive a 'Special Mention' certificate. We also have Year 6 Leaders who are our 'Learner Value Champions'. These pupils are excellent role models for school and are given the responsibility of looking out for pupils who demonstrate our Learner Values.