Copley Junior School


The National Curriculum for Design and Technology aims to ensure that all pupils:
  • develop the creative, technical and practical expertise needed to perform everyday tasks confidently and to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world
  • build and apply a repertoire of knowledge, understanding and skills in order to design quality prototypes and products for a wide range of users
  • critique, evaluate and test their ideas and products and the work of others
  • understand and apply the principles of nutrition and learn how to cook.

Year 3

To launch their 'Scrumdiddlyumptious' creative learning project, children in Year 3 visited the John Bull Rock Factory in Bridlington to find out how a factory works in action. As part of their visit children rolled their own rock with the first initial of their name down the middle and made chocolate lollipops.

As part of their project Year 3 demonstrated their creativity by making a diverse collection of musical instruments out of vegetables! The children then formed 'vegetable orchestras' and experimented with different rhythm patterns before performing these to the class.

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Our food products - flavoured flatbreads, smoothies, fruit salad, decorated biscuits and buns

Year 3 children worked in groups to design and create their own healthy fruit smoothies and chose flavourings for their flatbreads. Children also designed posters and cartons to advertise their fruit smoothies. The Scrumdiddlyumptious cafe was then opened for parents and relatives to purchase and sample the delicious products.

Our poster advertisements, menus and smoothie cartons

Our smoothie carton designs

Our Parent/Relative Enterprise Express

Thank you to all the parents, relatives and governors who came to the opening of the Year 3 Scrumdiddlyumptious cafe. This was our enterprise event for the year. We sold our fruit salad bowls, smoothies, flavoured flatbreads, decorated biscuits and buns, considering our costs and profit margins. Next we will work out our profits before we have the fun of deciding how to spend these!

Year 3 learned that before adding food scraps to the compost heap, onion skins, avocado skins, red cabbage and beetroot (to name just a few) can be used to create dyes. Using coloured dye, children created some fabulous designs with their old t-shirts that would have been thrown away. Recycling at its best! 

As part of their project on 'Predators' children learned how to make their own fossils. We thought our finished 'fossils' looked very realistic.

Children made huge amounts of papier mache in order to create a huge skeleton of a Triceratops dinosaur!

Year 3 also created a scale model of a Tyrannosaurus Rex using huge amounts of modelling rock and white paint.

Year 3 had to measure very carefully in order to draw and create a life size whale, polar bear and tiger.

The children were given the challenge of designing and creating their own predator, using their choice of collage materials. We were very impressed with the creative models made by the children.

As part of their project on 'Gods and Mortals' Year 3 developed their food technology skills, making a range of authentic Greek dishes. The tasting session afterwards was great fun!

Year 3 used laptops and library books to learn about life in Ancient Greece by observing the art work on Greek vases. The children then created their own vases building up papier mache over a balloon structure, learning how to strengthen the structure of their models. Children then painted and decorated their vases, making their patterns and pictures look as authentic as possible.

As part of their project on Ancient Greece children were given the challenge of creating their own mythical monster out of recycled materials. I am sure you will agree the children produced some very creative models!

As part of their science project on 'Light', Year 3 found out about reflection, refraction and how light travels in straight lines. The children then worked in groups to create a shadow puppet theatre show. They wrote their own play scripts based on a children’s fairy tale, made the different characters for each scene, built their puppet theatre ‘stage’ and then performed their shadow puppet shows to the class. The children thoroughly enjoyed performing their shows and they all worked well together.

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As part of their 'Flow' project, Year 3 created moving mechanisms to make water wheels, trialling different designs until they found the most effective designs.

Thank you to Year 3 parents and relatives who joined us for an afternoon of technology and maths fun. Children and adults were given the challenge of creating a bridge structure to span the ‘river’ that would also bear a certain weight, with the added challenge of a time limit for the task. Children had a set amount of money and were able to purchase basic materials from the ‘shop’. As every 10cm of sellotape cost a set amount, this really made children consider best value when making purchases.

A very busy and enjoyable afternoon followed, with some impressive and successful bridge structures at the end!

As part of their 'Mighty Metals' project, Year 3 used junk modelling techniques to create their own robots.

Year 3 also created foil creatures in a D.T. lesson and then used iPads to create stop animation movies. The children were delighted with their completed movies!

Year 4

As part of their 'Raiders and Traders' creative learning project, children could choose from a variety of design technology tasks. In the gallery below, you can see fabulous Viking longboats, Viking embroidery patterns and small Anglo-Saxon charms threaded with other materials to create personalised necklaces.

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During their 'Road Trip USA' creative learning project children engaged in a variety of design technology tasks, including designing and making a totem pole, designing and creating a dream catcher and creating a traditional American dish!

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During their project on the Romans, 'I am Warrior', children used their research about Roman and Celtic shields and Celtic embroidery designs to develop and create their own beautiful shield and embroidery designs.

Year 4 launched their project on 'Potions' with a visit from a qualified aromatherapist. We were fascinated to learn how much science is involved in the job of an aromatherapist as they blend essential oils (the pure essence from plants) to make products to support people's health and wellbeing. The children enjoyed making bath salts and a chocolate face mask!

Children worked very hard in their company teams to make a range of bath products including bath salts, lip balms and body oils, beautiful packaging and very persuasive leaflets and posters. We certainly have some budding entrepreneurs and persuasive sales people in Year 4. Following the express event, children were busy counting the money and working out their costs and profits - of £400!

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To read some of the comments from parents/carers following our express event, please click here.


As part of their 'Misty Mountain Sierra' creative learning project, Year 4 children researched information about different mountains and studied images of them before designing and modelling their own mountain, using different techniques to create a strong structure.

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Year 5

As part of their 'Pharaohs' creative learning project, children designed and made canopic jars using papier mache and lots of gold paint.

Year 5's canopic jars

Children also could also get involved in design technology tasks by building a model of a pyramid; constructing an Egyptian temple and decorating the walls with hieroglyphics; designing and creating a sarcophagus or creating a mask for a great Pharaoh.

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As part of their 'Stargazers' project children made moon buggies, orreries and some children even made cakes and buns depicting the solar system!

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Thank you to parents/carers and relatives who joined us for the Year 5 'Stargazers' express event. This was a very active and competitive event that challenged children's D.T. and science problem solving skills as they made rockets using limited materials in a limited timescale before testing them to see which one travelled the furthest.

During their 'Time Traveller' project Year 5 children enjoyed developing design criteria to inform the creation of their innovative and functional clocks inspired by time phrases such as ‘time is precious’ and ‘time flies’, including selecting from and using a range of tools to cut, shape and join materials.

Can you work out the time phrase that has inspired the creation of each clock?

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Year 5 invited parents and relatives to their exhibition of clocks. This was also an enterprise event, which gave children opportunity to develop maths skills of calculating running costs, profit and loss.

During their 'Beast Creator' project, Year 5 used their imaginations to create some minibeasts out of a range of different materials.


During their 'Alchemy Island' creative learning project children designed and made board games, writing clear and succinct rules.

The hall was filled with laughter and challenge as parents/carers and grandparents were invited to play the games.

Year 5 also experimented with delicious ingredients and their knowledge of reversible and irreversible reactions to create mouth watering food products which could be sold in the Alchemist's Restaurant. From omelette, jelly and chocolate truffles to gluten free cake, smoothies and chocolate covered strawberries with popping candy, pupils put their food technology and science skills to the test. The results were varied and delectable.

Year 6

As part of their 'Child's War' creative learning project children got involved in the project home learning tasks by building a miniature Anderson shelter; making bunting for the VE street party celebration; making a card gas mask with instructions for its use or writing a wartime recipe using rationed ingredients and, best of all, they brought in the dish for evaluation!

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Pupil-led Competitions

We love competitions at Copley! Children in Year 5 and 6 thoroughly enjoy organising their own design competitions. They design posters, rules and design sheets, present these in assembly and have great fun in judging the many entries. The children very kindly buy prizes out of their own pocket money too! Here are some of the entries from our Halloween competition. The competition organisers were so generous with their prizes - first prize was an imaginatively carved pumpkin with lots of sweet treats inside! Well done to everyone.


What Our Pupils Say

Here are some of the children's most recent reflections on their learning:

  • “I have enjoyed all of the topics, especially the ‘Potions’ topic. I liked this the most because I enjoyed working as a team to create the products for the express event.” Alice
  • “I was particularly proud of my clock that I made because it used recycled rubbish and I care about the environment.” Eric
  • “My favourite topic this year has been ‘Alchemy Island’ because the science was exciting and I enjoyed designing and making a board game that our parents could play.” Eva
  • “I have really enjoyed the ‘Scrummdiddlyumptious’ express because I liked making the smoothies.” Bella
  • “I have enjoyed making vases in the ‘Gods and Mortals’ topic and I am proud of what I made.” Jack
  • “I enjoyed the ‘Potions’ topic because I liked making all the lip balms, bath products and body products. I also liked how we got to draw and create the packaging for the products.” Ava C
  • “I am proud of the Greek food I made in the ‘Gods and Mortals’ topic.” Max
  • “My favourite topics were ‘Predator’ and ‘Gods and Mortals’ because we got to create life size animals and try new foods that we had all cooked.” Fynn
  • “My favourite project in Year 4 has been ‘Potions’ because it was fun and exciting! The highlight of the year has to be the ‘Potions’ Express as we got to sell everything from our company store. I think that I have improved most at D.T. because I am now good at it.” Oliver