Copley Junior School

English Curriculum


To read our Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement for English, please click here.

To support our pupils who are continuing to develop their reading skills, we use Little Wandle Letters and Sounds. Click here to find out more about our Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programme. 

 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar: A Guide for Parents/Carers

Year 3 and Year 4


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar: A Guide for Parents/Carers

Year 5 and Year 6

What Our Pupils Say

Here are some of the children's most recent reflections on their learning:

  • “In English, I have worked hard to improve my vocabulary choices and spelling.” Gracie
  • “The work I am really proud of is my poetry work because I am good with my imagination.” Riley
  • “I am proud of my writing this year because I’ve had to plan everything carefully to make sure it was engaging for the reader.” Stanley
  • “I think I have improved my writing this year because I now choose vocabulary to describe things accurately.” Eden
  • “I particularly enjoy SPaG because I know lots about verbs, nouns and relative clauses.” Noah
  • “The writing in English about the Alchemist’s Letter is one of my favourite pieces because I was able to think carefully about my spelling and included lots of Year 5 objectives.” Emma H
  • “In English, I have tried to improve my sentence structures and now write neatly and join my letters.” Hannah
  • “I have learned so much this year and feel like I have improved on spelling and the answers that I now give in guided reading.” Evie
  • “I have improved my handwriting and now join all my letters. I was so proud of myself when I earned my pen!” Eliza
  • “I am proud of the underwater poem I did because I did painting, drawing and writing.” Jayden
  • “I am proud of all the English work that I have done because I find it really hard.” Katie
  • “The work I am really proud of is my work in Guided Reading because I always try to do my best.” Hannah
  • “I am really proud of my warm task ‘The Magic Box’ because I used a lot of description.” Isobel L
  • “The work I am most proud of is ‘Beowulf’ because my whole mind went into a spooky place when I thought about it.” Lucas
  • “My favourite subject has been English because I like using my imagination when I am writing stories. I am proud of the writing I have done because I am good at writing stories.” Ronnie
  • “I have improved a lot in spelling and, because of this, I won the ‘most improved’ in the spelling bee.” Naomi