Copley Junior School


At Copley, we have subscribed to the Charanga Musical School scheme to support our delivery of the music curriculum. The Curriculum Overview below outlines the units covered and identifies the key vocabulary for each year group. As we continue to develop our curriculum provision, we adopt and adapt the units of work offered by the Charanga scheme to ensure that they are personalised for the pupils of Copley. 

In Year 4, pupils also work with our specialist teacher, Mrs Kenyon, to learn how to play the recorder. 

Music provision is an important part of our creative approach to curriculum delivery. Many different opportunities are offered to pupils, both as timetabled lessons and extra-curricular activities.

  • Peripatetic music lessons
  • Young Voices Concerts
  • Community Singing Performances
  • Visits to CAST Theatre
  • Dramatic performances and pantomimes
  • Musical Theatre After-School Club

 What Our Pupils Say

Here are some of the children's most recent reflections on their learning:

  • “One of my highlights was 'Young Voices'. The concert was amazing.” Emelia
  • “I took part in 'Young Voices' which was so much fun. I really enjoyed singing with all my teachers and friends.” Imogen
  • “I have taken part in 'Young Voices' and Opera North which have been very great fun.” Martin
  • “I have really enjoyed all the singing and going to the ‘Sing Out’ concert.” Bailey
  • “This year, my favourite subject has been music because I really like to sing.” Logan
  • “I have continued to have flute lessons and I enjoyed playing my flute to the class and everyone said how good I was.” Evie
  • “I am happiest during our Samba sessions as I like to listen to music. I like to play my instrument in guitar lessons too.” George
  • “I really like Samba because I like singing and playing drums.” Isabelle
  • “My favourite subject is Samba because I get to use instruments and we made a good group.” Sufyan
  • “I have definitely improved at guitar and I got a distinction in my exam.” Neve
  • “I love music and I have learned more about it in our ‘Identity’ topic.” Zoe