Copley Junior School

R.E. Curriculum

Long Term Plan for R.E.

Our R.E. Curriculum is individually tailored to maximise our local links and fulfils all the requirements of the Doncaster local syllabus 2019-2024.

Our PSHE lessons and daily acts of worship all contribute to the teaching of R.E. and we have many valued links in the local community that contribute greatly to R.E. lessons and acts of worship.

To read our Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement for R.E., please click here.

Links with St Mary's Church

We have a close and valued link with St Mary's Church. Our annual Harvest Service sees St Mary's filled with children, staff, parents/carers and relatives and a huge number of harvest gifts, very generously donated by families. The tinned and packaged goods and toiletries are given to Doncaster Food Bank, which supports local families in Doncaster.

Harvest Service 2018 - Our theme for our Harvest Festival 2018 was 'My pizza as big as the sun.' During the service children from each class shared fascinating facts about the different foods that are added to make a pizza and the food miles involved, which was quite remarkable. Once again, we were very impressed with the children's wonderful singing. Thank you so much to everyone for your fantastic generosity. Packet, tinned and fresh produce and toiletries were displayed on every surface and ledge in St Mary's. Doncaster Foodbank is very grateful for our support and our donations will help many local families in need.

Harvest Service 2019 - Our Harvest theme for 2019 was 'Harvest around the World'. Each class researched the harvest traditions of their chosen country and then presented their information, poems and songs (including using sign language) to over 300 children, parents, carers and relatives at our two Harvest Services at St Mary's Church. In our tour of harvest traditions around the World we learned about: Thanksgiving in America; Lammas in Scotland; the Holi Festival in India; Trung Thu in Vietnam; Harvest Moon in China; Oktoberfest in Germany; Chuseok in Korea and the Homowo Festival in Ghana.

We are so grateful for the amazing abundance of harvest gifts donated by families. We displayed the fresh fruit and vegetables, tinned and packaged goods as well as toiletries on every surface at St Mary's Church. After our services, all the items were taken to the Doncaster Foodbank. Our donations will help many local families in need so thank you very much for your generosity.

Harvest Service 2020 - Our 2020 Harvest was very different as, with COVID-19 measures in place, we were unable to attend St Mary's Church. However, we were able to lead our own Harvest Assembly in school, with each class involved in our online celebration. The Eco Council wanted everyone in school to know how important water is and for everyone to learn how we can protect our local canals and lakes as well as the seas and oceans of the World. We asked each class to research a theme of the subject of 'water'.

Children from each class contributed to our online Harvest Assembly with different presentations on the theme of water, including ‘Why is water so important?’, ‘The beauty of water’, ‘How can we get energy from water?’, ‘Save our oceans’, ‘The work of Water Aid’, ‘Why is hand washing so important?’ and ‘Zeitu and Zahra’s walk for water’.

The children enjoyed wearing their non-uniform clothes with a ‘blue’ theme for Water Aid, so thank you to everyone for your support.

Thank you for your donations to the charity ‘Water Aid’.

Christmas Readings and Carols Service 2019 - Our Christmas Readings and Carols Service is always a special occasion and the perfect way to finish the autumn term. The children joined in the carol singing with great enthusiasm! Thank you to everyone who filled their Christingle boxes with coins, with the proceeds going to The Children's Society. In 2019, children in Year 5 performed 'Bethlehem' and 'Spread the Joy' also.

Pictured below are children presenting their performance of two carols in St Mary's Church. 

Christmas Tree Festival

St Mary’s Church invited us to take part in their Tree Festival by decorating a tree for the community to enjoy. Many thanks to Miss Blades-Baker, who helped every child in school to create their named bauble with the following themes:

  • Y3 – children measured a length of curling ribbon to match their height before curling it. When children bring their bauble home for your tree at home you will be able to measure the difference in the years to come!
  • Y4 – tissue paper represents the stained glass windows of a church and beads to represent the joy of Christmas
  • Y5 – paint baubles representing the Earth, linking with their study of space
  • Y6 – feathers representing the souls of the fallen, linking with their study of World War 2.

St Mary's Church was then open for everyone to enjoy the trees decorated by a number of local organisations.

Thank you to our Y6 House Captains who gave their lunchtime to help Miss Blades-Baker fit over 200 baubles on our tree!

We are delighted to share that members of our local community voted Copley's tree as the first winner of the Christmas Tree Festival. Thank you for your votes!


'Experience Christmas' Workshops at St Mary's Church - We are very grateful to members of St Mary's Church for organising a wonderful afternoon workshop session for both Year 3 classes to help them learn more about the Christmas story. Children moved around the different 'stations' meeting the angel Gabriel, finding out more about the journey to Bethlehem, meeting one of the shepherds and a wise man. They took part in activities at each station including craft and dressing up, with time for a drink and biscuit too. The children learned many new things about the Christmas story. Thank you to Reverend Amanda and everyone at St Mary's Church for providing such an enjoyable afternoon of learning! 

Click on the first picture below to view a photograph gallery from our 'Experience Christmas' workshops.

'Experience Easter' Workshops at St Mary's Church - Both Year 3 classes had a wonderful afternoon at St Mary’s Church, taking part in an ‘Experience Easter’ variety of activities that helped them to learn more about the Easter story. Children waved palm branches to remember Jesus coming to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday; made collage cross fridge magnets; created a lovely large craft collage on the theme of ‘He is Risen’; took part in an experience of the Last Supper and even visited the empty tomb. Thank you to everyone at St Mary’s for making this such an enjoyable and memorable experience for the children.

 Please see below our slide show of photographs from our 'Experience Easter' workshops:

Easter Service at St Mary's - We celebrated Easter at St Mary's Church with poetry, hymns and prayers. 'Easter Jubilation' is one of the children's favourite Easter hymns as you can see in the clip below.

Our French pen friends shared details of their Easter church service with us. Visit our 'International Links' page to find out more.

Year 3 Visit to St Mary's Church - Reverend Amanda planned a very engaging curriculum visit for Year 3 pupils, to help them learn about the different features of a church and to find out more about the fascinating history of St Mary’s Church.

Children worked in pairs as detectives to see if they could find features from clues such as ‘a spy hole’, ‘men on a beach’ and ‘some white feathers’. Once the children had found all the features, Reverend Amanda explained the history and significance of each one.

Click on the first image below to view our carousel of photographs.

'Godly Play' at the Methodist Church

Members of the Methodist Church work closely with Year 4 pupils each year. The 'Godly Play' sessions include visits to the Methodist Church and workshop sessions in school. The sessions are very lively and engaging and encourage children to explore their values and beliefs. Reverend Frank also comes to deliver some whole school acts of worship. Below are some of the photographs from a 'Godly Play' session at the Methodist Church, when children found out about all the different jobs undertaken by Reverend Frank. Then, the children learned about all the different and important features in the church and took part in a quiz! In the second Godly Play session, Godly Play visited the school and taught the children all about the 10 Commandments. The children had fun learning about these and then enjoyed discussing some of the rules that they have to follow.

Click on the first image below to browse through our gallery of photographs.

Year 4 classes visited the Methodist Church for a Christmas workshop led by Mr Banks. Children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a variety of craft activities and learned more about the Christmas story.

In ‘Godly Play’ visits to school and the Methodist Church, children have learned about the Easter story through craft and story sessions.

Children in Year 4 thoroughly enjoy their learning sessions at the Methodist Church, working alongside the lovely members of the 'Godly Play' team.

Learning about Sikhism in Year 4

Many thanks to Harpinder, who visits school to support our R.E. teaching about aspects of Sikhism in Year 4. In the gallery of photographs below, children learned about the 5Ks and what is special about a Sikh wedding.


Visit to the Sikh Temple

Year 4 were warmly welcomed to the Sikh Gurdwara in Doncaster. Children learned so much from their visit and children were praised by the Sikh faith leaders for their interest and the huge amount of knowledge they already had. Following our visit to the prayer hall, where the book of Sikh scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib is kept, children enjoyed the 'Langar'. The community kitchen in a Gurdwara is where a free meal is served to all visitors. We learned the free meal is always vegetarian so it is suitable for all visitors. At Langar, all people eat a meal as equals.

The video clip below shows the Kirtan - the singing of hymns from the Guru Granth Sahib.

Learning about Islam in Year 5

Year 5 have been learning about the key beliefs of Islam and the impact these beliefs have on the life of a Muslim. We were delighted that Imam Omar was able to visit to help us learn more about the five pillars of Islam, the importance of the pilgrimage to Hajj and the key features of Ramadan and the festival of Eid al-Fitr. We were very impressed with the children's thoughtful questions, so many thanks to Imam Omar. 

'Open the Book'

We greatly value the regular visits of the 'Open the Book' group from St Mary's Church. Stories from the Bible are brought to life through drama and discussion, in such an engaging way that captures the pupils' interest and supports their reflection.

Our ‘Open the Book’ assembly is always a highlight of the week. Their presentation of 'Daniel and the Lion' was so dramatic you could have heard a pin drop in the school hall.


‘Bible Explorer’

In Year 5, our delivery of R.E. is enhanced by the ‘Bible Explorer’ sessions led by Mr Barlow. Children learn about the stories of the Old Testament in a very lively and active way that involves all the children.

Year 6 children created PowerPoints to help children in Year 4 learn about Judaism.

Examples of our R.E. Work

Please click on the first image below to view our gallery of R.E. work.

As part of their R.E. unit of study on why Jesus is inspiring to some people, children created designs for stained glass windows using oil pastels.

As part of their project 'A Child's War' and their R.E. unit of study on 'War and Suffering', Year 6 learned about the Christmas Day Truce of 1914. This inspired Year 6 to write poems about this remarkable event.

What Our Pupils Say

Here are some of the children's most recent reflections on their learning:

  • “I have improved most in Religious Education because I am taking time to understand other people’s cultures.” Callum
  • “Next year I am looking forward to R.E. because I am excited to see what religions we are learning about.” Bailey
  • ”I have enjoyed visiting church for Godly Play and the people there are really nice and helpful.” Gracie
  • “The best visits have to be ‘Godly Play’ at the Methodist Church because each time that we go, we think about a Bible story and we get to do crafts.” Mia
  • “I enjoy R.E. as I like to learn about different religions and we have interesting ideas to discuss.” Amelia