Active Travel

At Copley we are keen to promote active and safe travel to school. Walking to and from school makes the local community a safer place for everyone and it can also have huge benefits for health and well-being. 

Our local South Yorkshire Modeshift STARS Officer visited Copley to talk to our pupils about keeping safe when walking to and from school. As well as learning about the importance of road safety, we considered how parents can support school in keeping children safe too.

Park and Stride on your way to and from school

We looked at a map of the local area and we identified a yellow zone that indicates this area offers a five minute walk to school and a blue zone that offers a ten minute walk to school, as you can see on the map below.

Our Modeshift STARS Officer helped us to locate some temporary signs around the village as a visual reminder of the zones.

The park and stride zone enables parents/carers and relatives to park their vehicle in a safe, non-obstructive place and enjoy 5 or 10 minutes of fresh air by walking to school.

Look out for the posters in our local community which indicate when you have entered the ‘Park and Stride’ zone.

Please find out more by reading our leaflet below.

Support our Parking Pledge!

Year 5 pupils have designed a ‘tax-disc’ style reminder card to support a parking pledge which we are asking parents and carers to sign. Three winning designs were chosen and any parent who signs the pledge will receive a laminated ‘tax disc’ style pledge card (as featured below) to display in their car if they choose to.

Please find below a copy of the parking pledge letter sent to all parents/carers.

Active Travel - Autumn Term Ten Day Challenge 2017

We promoted the 'Ten Day Active Travel Challenge' as a great way to get fit and healthy and to help protect the environment. This campaign had great impact as you can see from the results below. Let's keep on walking to school to keep fit and help our environment!

As a result of the high impact of our 'Active Travel' campaign we were rewarded with a theatre visit! The MOMO Theatre Company came to deliver their fun, active and humorous stage play to encourage children to be active and safe on their journey to and from school.

Active Travel - Summer Term Ten Day Challenge 2018

Our Green Team promoted the summer term active walking challenge and afterwards, they prepared the PowerPoint presentation below for our Friday achievement assembly to celebrate that our active fortnight saw a 22.2% increase in active travel.

Active Travel - Autumn Term 2018 Ten Day Challenge

In October 2018 we promoted the 'Ten Day Active Travel Challenge' again as a great way to get fit and healthy and to help protect the environment. This campaign had great impact as you can see from the Eco Council's powerpoint presentation below. Overall, we saw a 20% increase in active travel. A huge well done to Opal Class as 93% of the children travelled actively for the full 10 days of the challenge. Let's keep on walking to school to keep fit and help our environment!

Active Travel - Summer Term Ten Day Challenge 2019

The Eco Council promoted active travel for our two week challenge in the summer term 2019. 58% of children walked to schoo before the challenge and 80% of children walked to/from school during the active travel fortnight. We were pleased to see an increase in active travel of 22%. Let's keep walking to and from school to keep healthy, cut carbon emissions and make our local streets safer.


We offer Bikeability training to all pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 each year. This training is designed to give children the skills and experience to cycle safely and confidently. It is Cycling Proficiency for the 21st century and involves cycling in both an off-road playground environment and on roads around the vicinity of the school. Children enjoy cycling and of course it brings many health benefits, develops confidence and gives them independence. Children who have been trained are much safer and, in addition, tend to cycle more.

Children take the Level One course on the school playground. To progress onto the Level Two training course the following day, there will be an expectation that children can ride a bike already, are able to balance on their bike, look behind them without wobbling and hold a signal for at least 3 seconds. They also go out on quiet local roads close to school during the Level Two training course. Children receive a certificate and badge for achieving the Level One course and the Level Two course.

Pedestrian Training

Each year pupils in Year 4 take part in pedestrian training led by Local Authority Road Safety Officers. On local quiet roads near to school the children have opportunity to practise and develop their pedestrian skills.

Public Transport Training

Each year pupils in Year 6 take part in a Crucial Crew visit led by South Yorkshire Police to learn more about keeping safe. As part of the day, Year 6 learn how to travel safely on public transport.