As you are aware, in line with all local schools, we have very high expectations of children’s attendance at Copley Junior School.  We strive for 100% attendance and expect no less than 97%.  In order to ensure there is a consistent approach for everyone, all Head teachers in the Ridgewood Pyramid have worked together to develop a joint attendance policy.


Please find below our Attendance and Punctuality Policy that has been written and approved by all the schools in our local pyramid: Copley Junior School; Orchard Infants; Saltersgate Junior; Saltersgate Infants; Rosedale Primary; Richmond Hill; Barnburgh Primary and Ridgewood School.


The attendance thermometer below shows how many days of absence each percentage equates to. 

Sam and Sammy Road Show

The 'Sam and Sammy Road Show' visited Copley Junior to encourage attendance at school every day and to promote excellent punctuality. The children enjoyed a very entertaining, humorous and interactive presentation!


Celebrating 100% Attendance


We are keen to reward excellent attendance at school. Well done to 80 children who achieved 100% attendance certificates for the autumn term 2018 and 76 children who achieved 100% attendance certificates for the spring term 2019. Well done to 64 children who achieved 100% attendance for the summer term 2019.


In our weekly Achievement assemblies we celebrate excellent attendance and children are very keen to find out which class has won with 100% attendance and the fewest number of late marks in order to receive the Attendance trophy.


At the end of the academic year, the governors present a £5 book voucher to all children who have achieved 100% attendance for the full year. In July 2018, we were pleased to present 27 children with their gift voucher and in July 2019 we presented 32 children with their gift voucher.


Our attendance for 2018-2019 = 97.3%. Let's work together to improve attendance further to maximise children's learning and achievement.


Attendance for the academic year September 2020-end of the autumn term in 2020 was 98.1%.

Attendance for the academic year September 2020-end of the spring term in 2021 was 98%.