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Does my child have coronavirus symptoms?

Does my child need a COVID test?

Self-isolation period update

Update from Doncaster Council:

"You will be aware that that the self-isolation period for people who are contacts of a positive case was recently reduced from 14 days to 10 days. We just want to make it clear that for those who come into contact with someone who is a positive case, their last day of contact with that person is classed as day zero and the ten days of self isolation must follow that. In addition, for someone who has tested positive the day the test was taken or the first day of symptoms starting is classed as day zero and people must then self isolate for at least ten full days after that. For, asymptomatic people, they should also isolate themselves for 10 days starting from the date of their first positive test result which is also classed as day zero."

Current NHS Guidance on Self-Isolation

How long you need to self-isolate

If someone you live with has tested positive and:

  • they have symptoms – self-isolate for 10 days from when their symptoms started
  • they have not had symptoms – self-isolate for 10 days from when they had their test

If they get symptoms while they're self-isolating, the 10 days restarts from when their symptoms started.

The 10 days does not restart if a different person you live with gets symptoms while you're self-isolating.

When to stop self-isolating

You can stop self-isolating after 10 days if you do not get any symptoms.

What to do if you get symptoms

Get a test to check if you have coronavirus if you get symptoms while you're self-isolating.

If your test is negative, keep self-isolating for the rest of the 10 days.

If your test is positive, the 10 days restarts from when your symptoms started. This will mean you're self-isolating for more than 10 days overall.

To check further NHS guidance on self-isolation rules, please click here.

COVID - 19 (coronavirus) absence: A quick guide for parents/carers

The document below provides useful guidance on required absence around COVID-19 symptoms and positive test results. Please note that the quarantine period has now been reduced to 10 days, in line with the guidance provided above.

Local Updates

The Doncaster Council website has a dedicated page for COVID-19 information and guidance.

You can find this at:

The Director of Public Health, Dr Rupert Suckling, provides updates and guidance on the local Coronavirus rate of infection figure and you can access the link to these via this page.

To access the 'Frequently Asked Questions' page of the Doncaster Council website, please click here.