Emotional Health and Well Being

At Copley Junior School, the emotional health and well being of each and every one of our children is a top priority.  Our PSHE subject leader, Miss Wright, has developed and tailored our PSHE curriculum, which complements our rich and vibrant personalised delivery of the curriculum.
Our PSHE curriculum is delivered through class lessons, whole school and year group assemblies, project lessons and visiting outside agencies. To find out more about our PSHE curriculum, please click here.
To read our Emotional Health and Well-Being Policy, please click here.
To read our pupil-friendly Emotional Health and Well-Being Policy, please click here.
We hope the information below will help to support your child's emotional health and well being.

NHS Information and Guidance: One You - Every Mind Matters

This helpful website hosts a lot of helpful information to help us support the emotional and mental health of children and young people, including guidance on: tips to support children and young people; coronavirus and going back to school; signs that something is wrong and looking after your own mental health.

You can visit this NHS website by clicking here.

Copley's Guide to Supporting Your Child's Return to School

If your child is anxious about returning to school, we hope that the guidance below will be helpful to you. As always, we are here to help so please contact us if you have concerns about your child's emotional and mental health.

A-Z of Wellbeing

We hope you like this resource as much as we do! We will be using this across school to support our children's wellbeing.

Anxiety Thermometer

This is a useful resource to help children verbalise any anxiety they are experiencing.

Breathing Wheel

A useful resource to support breathing exercises to help aid relaxation.

Helping Your Child Back to School

Handy tips to support your child when they return to school.

WellBeing Shield

A great resource to support conversations about the characteristics and strengths we possess that will help us to defend our wellbeing.

Acts of Kindness Challenges

Be the change you want to see in the world. See if you can achieve as many small acts of kindness as you can. Being kind to others will inspire their kindness to you and to others in return. You can download our Acts of Kindness Challenges by clicking on the 'download' link below.

Featured below are just some of the acts of kindness from our wonderful children at Copley. Well done everyone and keep up the great work!

Screen-Free Activities

We all enjoy being online, but taking time to make sure we have screen-free time is very supportive to our mental well being.

We hope you find the ideas below helpful. You can download our Screen-Free Activities document by clicking on the 'download' link below.

Breathing Exercises for Calm and Focus

Try out a variety of breathing exercises to help you achieve calm and focus. You can download our Breathing Exercises document by clicking on the 'download' link below.

Mini Mindfulness Activities

This booklet contains mini mindfulness activities that we hope you will find helpful. You can download our Mini Mindfulness Activities document by clicking on the 'download' link below.

A Guide to Mindfulness

We hope you find the guide below helpful. It contains many ideas to support relaxation and emotional well being.

You can download a list of children's book titles that support emotional well being and mindfulness by clicking here.

Support your physical and mental health by enjoying and learning about the great outdoors

“There is something about the beauty of nature that is contagious, leaving a quiet calm in my mind.”

At Copley we understand that mental health and emotional wellbeing is just as vital as physical health. The greatest free resource we can use to help us with this is the great outdoors.

People with nature on their doorstep are more active, mentally resilient and have better all-round health. Nature is good for our souls because it can help to improve your mood, reduce any feelings of stress or worry and help you to take time out of your busy day to feel more relaxed. Why not try playing in the back garden or going on a bike ride? You could have a mini beast hunt or count the number of birds that visit your garden. Even something as simple as sitting outside with a nice cold drink and taking a moment to breathe in the stillness will do wonders for your emotional wellbeing.

Become a Nature Detective!

Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of nature and take time to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us every day. There is also so much to learn about the natural world that will help you to improve your general knowledge. You can download our Nature Detective sheet by clicking on the 'download' link below.

You can download the individual identification sheets by clicking on the links below:

  • The Leaf ID sheet is available here
  • The Twig ID sheet is available here
  • The Bird ID sheet is available here
  • The Butterfly ID sheet is available here
  • The Minibeast ID sheet is available here
  • An additional Blossom ID sheet is available here
  • An additional Fruit and Seeds ID sheet is available here

Well done to all the children who used our ID sheets to identify and learn more about the wildlife in our local area.

Nature Activity Sheet

See if you can solve the nature wordsearch, anagrams, maze and matching activity below. You can download our Nature Activity sheet by clicking on the 'download' link below.

You can download the individual activity sheets by clicking on the links below:

  • The Tree Names Wordsearch is available here
  • The Tree Names Anagram activity is available here
  • The Oak Maze is available here
  • The Matching Leaves to Seeds activity is available here 

'All Natural' Art Challenge

Andrew Goldsworthy, a famous British artist, is well known for using ordinary natural items to create pieces of art. Your challenge is to do the same, using the information below. Remember to post photographs of your creations on Seesaw so we can admire your work!

You can download our 'All Natural' art challenge sheet by clicking on the 'download' link below.

Well done to all the children who took on the challenge to create an art piece using natural materials inspired by the work of Andrew Goldsworthy. The results are fantastic!

'Find a View' Photo Challenge

Your challenge is to go out into your garden or a beautiful woodland area with your family and take a photograph (or photographs) of the nature you see from a special (or perhaps unusual) viewpoint. Remember to post your photographs on Seesaw so we can admire your work!

You can download our 'Find a View' photo challenge by clicking on the 'download' link below.

We have some fantastic young photographers at Copley and some really beautiful photos of the natural world were posted on Seesaw. We hope you enjoy our gallery of photos below.

Well done to Jenson who took these stunning photos by setting up a camera in the woods with his family.

Well done to Isabel who set up a wildlife camera in our local woods with help from her dad and captured wonderful footage of a buzzard, great-spotted woodpecker and tawny owl, whilst in her garden she photographed a wild rabbit and parakeets.

The Wildlife Trusts'  ’30 Days Wild’ Challenge

This June, The Wildlife Trusts are launching a ’30 Days Wild’ challenge with the aim of getting the nation to tune into nature and take part in a variety of different activities out in the wild (and their back gardens!). Their aim is to get you to do one wild thing a day throughout the whole month: for your health, wellbeing and for the planet!

Please see below the Parent and Pupil Introductory Guide to the '30 Days Wild' Challenge

You can download this guide by clicking on the 'download' button below the document.

Click on the links below to access some lovely mindfulness colouring activities, based on the theme of '30 Days Wild':

Nature Activities

You can download these enjoyable nature activities by clicking on the links below:

  • Feeding ground-feeding birds - click here
  • How to help birds avoid windows - click here
  • How to build a bottle basking shark - click here
  • How to make your own bird feeder - click here
  • Make a leaf tile - click here
  • Make your own nectar bar - click here
  • Make a model butterfly - click here
  • Make a nature mandala - click here
  • Make a musical rain stick - click here
  • How to do wildlife yoga - click here

Nature Lessons

The Wildlife Trusts offer a range of nature lesson ideas. You can access these by clicking on the links below:

  • Design a bird - click here
  • Make your own bird's nest - click here
  • My A-Z of nature - click here
  • Natural sounds map - click here
  • Race for a rainbow - click here
  • Study a minibeast - click here

Well done to Thea who has demonstrated great commitment to looking after the local wildlife, as you can read in her report below:

The Green Team's Platinum Challenge - Woodland Words and Images

We hope you will take part in the woodland challenges below as we work towards gaining the Woodland Trust Platinum Award.

Well done to all the children who took part in our Green Team's Platinum Challenge - Woodland Words and Images. What great work everyone! It is lovely to see you enjoying and learning more about our local woods and the world of nature.

To view our gallery of photos, please click on the first image below.

AcSEED Award (Supporting Emotional Wellbeing in Schools)

We are proud to share that we have met the national AcSEED criteria for emotional wellbeing and mental health support, and we have therefore been accredited with the AcSEED Award. Copley Junior is the first primary/junior school in Yorkshire to be awarded the AcSEED accreditation!

The external AcSEED review team reported back to us to share that they were particularly impressed with:

    1. "The work of the Wellbeing lead in promoting Positive Mental Health within Copley Junior.
    2. The work of the Anti-Bullying Ambassador pupil team.
    3. The involvement of Governors in the school’s wellbeing development.
    4. The child friendly wellbeing policy is inspirational.
    5. Pupil leadership groups formulating policies and promoting student wellbeing.
    6. The Mini Life Coaches PowerPoints.
    7. Involvement in the 'Mental Toughness' programme.
    8. The Civic Mayor’s ‘Make a School Difference’ Award for Mini Life Coaches.
    9. Achievement of the Diana Award – National Anti-Bullying Award.
    10. Listening to students and responding to their ideas to shape emotional wellbeing in school.
    11. The work of the Mini Life Coaches.
    12. The range of activities available to students with a focus on emotional health."

To find out more about the AcSEED Award, please visit their website by clicking here.