Questions or Concerns

At Copley Junior School, we make every effort to answer questions and resolve any concerns that parents/carers have about their child/ren and the school. Often an informal discussion, when additional information is provided, can establish the facts and clarify a situation.

If you have a query or concern about any aspect of your child's education or experience at school, please make an appointment to see the class teacher. We would hope that a discussion with the teacher should be enough to resolve the matter. If your question or concern relates to the special educational (SEND) needs of your child, you may wish to contact our Inclusion lead and SENCO, Miss Havercroft, in the first instance. 

If you feel your question or concern is unresolved after meeting with the class teacher, you are welcome to contact the Head teacher. We work as a team at Copley Junior School, and your concern will have been passed on to the Head teacher by the class teacher. The Head teacher will be aware of any action that has been taken. We aim to work in partnership with parents/carers and, again, every effort will be made to resolve any issue.

Please remember that

  • we welcome parental feedback and actively encourage it
  • our door is always open
  • any complaint is treated confidentially and quickly
  • it is often better to deal quickly with a small issue than wait until it grows!
  • raising a concern or complaint will not affect our respect and support for you or your child

If after this stage you still have a concern, please view the school’s Compliments and Complaints Policy provided below.

Please also follow the links below to the following shared Ridgewood pyramid policies:

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