Year 3

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Our Class News

News from our 'Scrumdiddlyumptious' Creative Learning Project

John Bull Rock Factory Visit

On Thursday 6th September Pearl and Opal Classes visited the John Bull Rock Factory in Bridlington to begin their 'Scrumdiddlyumptious' topic work. Whilst there, the children were able to roll a piece of rock with their initial inside and see how the factory makes and packages fudge, biscuits and chocolate. Whilst finding out about the machinery in the factory, the children were able to taste samples of sweets and biscuits. They also made chocolate lollipops before a well-deserved visit to the play area to finish the day.

Click on the first picture below to view a photograph gallery from our visit to the John Bull Rock Factory.

Photos from Opal and Pearl Classes

Year 3 have had a really exciting start to the year with their Scrumdiddlyumptious topic. We are very impressed with how well all of the children have settled into life at Copley Junior School and how well they are developing into more independent learners!

In English, the children have worked very hard on their descriptive writing skills, writing all about Glenda the gloriously happy Oompa Loompa and then using those skills to write independently about Mr Twit. They then moved onto writing an explanation text about the journey of a banana, which was then developed into an explanation text of their own, about the journey of their choice of tasty and inventive sweets!

In Maths, we have worked very hard on our understanding of place value, multiplication and division and addition and subtraction. We are now becoming more confident in our reasoning skills, using our in-depth understanding to solve tricky challenges.

Our topic work has kept us very busy and we have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the different food groups, tasting a variety of different foods, which led to a range of excitable reactions!

We have also learned about the life and work of James Lind, ordering the events of his life on a chronological timeline. We have been very creative with our artwork based on the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo and have a fantastic selection of ‘fruit and vegetable faces’!

Allegra used fabrics and collage to create 'Rusty the Autumn Man'. Wonderful creative work Allegra!

As part of their 'Scrumdiddlyumptious' project Year 3 demonstrated their creativity by making a diverse collection of musical instruments out of vegetables! The children then formed 'vegetable orchestras' and experimented with different rhythm patterns before performing these to the class.

To conclude our topic, we have been designing our very own smoothies, along with the colourful, eye-catching packaging, ready for our Year 3 Express Event. The Express was a fantastic experience for the children and we would like to thank all parents for your continued support with your children’s learning!

Click on the first picture below to view a photograph gallery from the Year 3 express event for parents/carers.

To read some of the comments from parents/carers and relatives about our express event, please click here.

Please click on the picture link below to view some of Year 3's fantastic home learning work.

Times Tables Rock Star Launch 2018-2019

Children and staff looked rocktastic for the launch of our Times Tables Rock Star learning for 2018-2019. Miss Mellor explained how important learning times tables is and that, with lots of practice, children need to aim for instant recall of all times tables and division facts. Miss Mellor explained how the times tables rock stars programme works. To begin with, if you need more than 10 seconds to answer questions correctly, you are a rock 'wannabe'. You will climb up the ladder of rock stardom as you get quicker at answering questions accurately - so 6 seconds or less you will become a 'breakthrough artist' and at 4 seconds or less you will become a 'headliner'. Your aim is to become a 'rock star' - you will achieve this when you can answer times tables questions correctly in 3 seconds or less. If your recall becomes even quicker you can become a 'rock hero' and, finally, a 'rock god'!

Our launch event finished with a teacher challenge - five brave  (and very competitive) teachers tackled 100 instant recall questions against the clock. Miss Havercroft was victorious with a time of 1 minute 24 seconds!

You can find out more about 'Times Tables Rock Stars' by clicking here.

News from our 'Predators' Creative Learning Project

Year 3 had a fantastic visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park to launch their creative learning project on 'Predators'.  

Click on the first picture below to view a photograph gallery from our visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

What an exciting half term Year 3 have had! Our ‘Predator’ topic began with a visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, where the children researched interesting facts about tigers and leopards, which they then used in their non-chronological reports in English. They also got to see the polar bears, which was particularly exciting as this year we adopted a polar bear to help support the Wildlife Park with their work in protecting these fascinating animals.

In English, the children have been busy writing their own version of the humorous story, ‘I Want My Hat Back’, and in maths they have been perfecting their use of expanded addition and subtraction methods.

During their 'Predators' project Year 3 used atlases and globes to identify the different continents where different animals live.

In our science lessons children identified that humans and some other animals have skeletons and muscles for support, protection and movement. Children learned about how fossils are formed when things that have lived are trapped within rock. In their design technology work, children made their own 'fossils' and created their own fossilised Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur skeleton!

Children also identified and described the functions of different parts of flowering plants and explored the part that flowers play in the life cycle of flowering plants, including pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal.

Year 3 used their maths and art skills to create an amazing 3D painting of a polar bear to scale. The children's next even more ambitious project was to use their maths, D.T. and art skills to create a fossilised 3D skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex to scale, using mountains of modelling rock and a huge amount of white paint. Wow!

Our Express Event was a great success and we were incredibly proud to display all of the fantastic work the children produced in school and for their project homework. We had a great response from all parents and carers and we would like to thank you all for your support.

To read some of the comments from parents/carers and relatives about our express event, please click here.

Please click on the picture link below to view some of Year 3's fantastic home learning work.

We researched predators and then created powerpoints to present to the class. You can view Lois' below.

Please click on the main image below to browse through our carousel of pastel drawings of birds of prey.

Anti-Bullying Week

Year 3 created the colourful posters below to share their ideas on the theme 'Respect Grows When...'. Their ideas included:

  • Respect grows when ... you share
  • Respect grows when ... you treat people equally
  • Respect grows when ... you say 'please' and 'thank you'
  • Respect grows when ... you listen to other people's ideas
  • Respect grows when ... you understand that people are all different

'Experience Christmas' Workshops at St Mary's Church

We are very grateful to members of St Mary's Church for organising a wonderful afternoon workshop session for both Year 3 classes to help them learn more about the Christmas story. Children moved around the different 'stations' meeting the angel Gabriel, finding out more about the journey to Bethlehem, meeting one of the shepherds and a wise man. They took part in activities at each station including craft and dressing up, with time for a drink and biscuit too. The children learned many new things about the Christmas story. Thank you to Reverend Amanda and everyone at St Mary's Church for providing such an enjoyable afternoon of learning! 

Click on the first picture below to view a photograph gallery from our 'Experience Christmas' workshops.

News from our 'Gods and Mortals' Creative Learning Project

This half term, Year 3 have been busy learning all about Ancient Greece. They started their topic with a fun-filled ‘Greek Day’, where everyone came in dressed in their best togas and researched lots of interesting information all about the different Greek Gods and Goddesses. They then went on to learn about the different Ancient Greek islands and cities, creating a key and locating and labelling them on a map. Year 3 have also learnt about significant events of Ancient Greek history, putting them on a chronological time line. They have conducted research about modern day Greece, discovering why it is such a popular tourist destination – lots of sunshine and good food! In Design and Technology, the children have planned and made their own Greek vases, which was a messy yet enjoyable process! If you thought we had finished learning all there was to know about Ancient Greece, think again! We then went on to learn all about Ancient Greek soldiers, their armour and weapons. To finish off our exciting Gods and Mortals topic, we held our own version of the Olympic Games – what a jam-packed six weeks we have had!

As part of their geography work, Year 3 used maps to identify and locate countries, seas, mountains and cities to help inform their history learning.

Year 3 learned about the key events in Ancient Greek history and then placed these on a timeline in chronological order.

Year 3 used library books and the internet to find out lots of facts about the history and famous monuments of ancient Greece, the weather and food to find out why modern Greece is such a popular holiday destination.

Children used books, pictures and the internet to identify key facts about Ancient Greek soldiers, their armour and weapons.

As part of their project on 'Gods and Mortals' Year 3 developed their food technology skills, making a range of authentic Greek dishes. The tasting session afterwards was great fun!

Year 3 used laptops and library books to learn about life in Ancient Greece by observing the art work on Greek vases. The children then created their own vases building up papier mache over a balloon structure, learning how to strengthen the structure of their models. Children then painted and decorated their vases, making their patterns and pictures look as authentic as possible.

Click on the first picture below to view a photograph gallery of children with their Greek vases.

Please click on the picture link below to view some of Year 3's fantastic home learning work.

Mini Olympics

As part of their project on 'Gods and Mortals', a History based project on Ancient Greece, our two Year 3 classes took part enthusiastically in an ‘Olympic style’ competition using javelins, discus and shot put. We were very impressed with the skills of the pupils. The results were as follows:

Shot Put: 1st = 14.5m, 2nd = 13.6m, 3rd = 12.9m

Javelin: 1st = 13.6m, 2nd = 13.1m, 3rd = 12.5m

Discus: 1st = 15.8m, 2nd = 15.1m, 3rd = 14.7m

News from our 'Flow' Creative Learning Project

Energy Officer Curriculum Workshop

Both Year 3 classes participated in a curriculum workshop led by Katie Hurst, our LA Energy Officer. The children really enjoyed learning about wind power as a sustainable energy source and making their own turbines. Thanks Katie!

As part of our Flow creative learning project, Year 3 have been busy investigators this half term! We have looked closely at different soils, classifying them into their specific types; we have investigated different water samples to determine just how clean they really are, using the effects of evaporation to see what residues were left behind; we have made water wheels, trialling out different designs until we found the most effective designs; and we have studied different rocks, testing them for permeability and durability and then used what we have learned to classify them.


Children learned about the different parts of a river and labelled these on a diagram.

Year 3 identified the stages of the water cycle.

In our computing lessons, Year 3 practised copying and pasting images from the Internet into a Powerpoint presentation, presenting text in text boxes and learned how to use animations to create an effective presentation about the water cycle. We enjoyed sharing our presentations with the rest of the class. Please click on 'play' on the PowerPoint below to view an example of our work.

Children then explored creating PowerPoints to explain the water cycle and present their research into rivers of the world.

In our geography work we also identified the position and significance of longitude, latitude and the Equator.

Please click on the picture link below to view some of Year 3's fantastic 'Flow' home learning work.

In our science work we looked closely at different soils, classifying them into their specific types.

We set up a simple enquiry to find out which water sample was the cleanest; children observed carefully, used dataloggers and an opalometer to take accurate measurements, recorded data in a table and used their results to draw a conclusion.

Continuing our science work, children compared and grouped together different kinds of rocks on the basis of their appearance and simple physical properties.

In English, we put our persuasive writing techniques to good use, persuading Doncaster Council NOT to build houses on our playground – we had pages of reasons why this was an outrageous idea and thankfully, the Council agreed to build elsewhere! Phew! We have also been fantastic authors, writing our own underwater narratives, using lots of description to really help create a vivid picture for the reader.

In maths, we have been working hard to solve addition and subtraction problems, including tricky missing number problems and we then made use of the inverse to check that our answers were correct. We have also been solving problems with money, calculating total amounts and working out how much change. We then moved onto working out the perimeter of different shapes and have most recently begun work on fractions.

In our D.T. work we created moving mechanisms to make water wheels, trialling different designs until children found the most effective designs.

Our topic was concluded with a lovely afternoon for our express event. We saw some fantastic teamwork skills and plenty of perseverance! Well done Year 3!

As part of their P.E. lessons, Year 3 loved creating a group dance sequence inspired by the 'James Bond' theme tune. Great work, Year 3!

Year 3 Special Celebration and Party Afternoon

Year 3 and friends celebrated the end of Abigail’s treatment in style this week, with a party afternoon of traditional games, jelly and ice cream. Abigail and her family, with a small group of friends, then went to St Mary’s to ring the bell. The ringers at St Mary’s treated the local community to a quarter peal to mark the occasion from 3.15pm-4pm.

Please click on the first image below to view the gallery of photos from this event.

In their science project on 'Light', Year 3 found out about reflection, refraction and how light travels in straight lines. The children applied their understanding of how shadows are formed when the light from a light source is blocked by a solid object.

Year 3 Visit to St Mary's Church

 Reverend Amanda planned a very engaging curriculum visit for Year 3 pupils, to help them learn about the different features of a church and to find out more about the fascinating history of St Mary’s Church.

Children worked in pairs as detectives to see if they could find features from clues such as ‘a spy hole’, ‘men on a beach’ and ‘some white feathers’. Once the children had found all the features, Reverend Amanda explained the history and significance of each one.

Click on the first image below to view our carousel of photographs.

Intra-School Multi Skills Competition

Once again, children across school really engaged with our annual intra-school Multi Skills Competition during April and May 2019. Children have practised their skills over a number of weeks, recorded their scores and have been very keen to improve their personal performances.

'Sing Out' Concert

Each year our Year 3 children take part in the 'Sing Out' Concert. This gives our children opportunity to join a choir, meet children from other schools and perform as part of a large choir of Doncaster schools at the Dome, in front of parents/carers and relatives. We were very proud to receive many compliments about the fantastic singing and dancing of our Year 3 choir and their ability in the two part harmonies.

Every year we are also lucky enough to take part in a school workshop where we work with DARTS to help create a new song for the concert, which we then learn and perform with the other school choirs at the Dome concert.

Please click on the photographs of the 'Sing Out' Concert below.

News from our 'Mighty Metals' Creative Learning Project

To launch their creative learning project on 'Mighty Metals', Year 3  visited Magna. As well as a tour of the different learning areas, the children took part in a workshop to investigate metals and magnets.