Year 6 2020-2021

Welcome to the Year 6 class page. Here you will find news and photos about the learning in Year 6 during 2020-2021.

Year 6 Curriculum Leaflets

Our Curriculum Leaflets will keep you informed about the Cornerstones projects being studied, including the learning activities that are planned and important day to day information. They will also give information about how you can help your child at home (linked with the taught curriculum) and weekly schedules for activities such as P.E. and home learning. Curriculum leaflets are emailed to parents via our ParentPay system.

Click on the links below to download the Curriculum Information Leaflets for children in Year 6.

Year 6 Knowledge Mats

Please click on the project titles below to see the 'knowledge mat' for each project. Your child has their own personal copy of the knowledge mat for each project and these are used in class to help your child remember some of the key facts being taught. Knowledge mats are also posted in children's Seesaw accounts and are emailed to parents via our ParentPay system.

You can download Copley Junior's Recommended Reading List for Year 6 by clicking here.

See the overview of what Year 6 will be learning during 2020-2021 by viewing their long term plan here.

Our 'Quick Links' page provides quick links to a wide range of school information, including links to school routines, links to information about our delivery of different curriculum areas etc.

Home Learning in Year 6

All our home learning tasks are shared via our Seesaw app. At the beginning of each half term, the home learning challenges grid will be uploaded to Seesaw. The grid contains a range of activities and specifies the number of each type of activity (maths, writing and creativity) to be completed. Children may complete the tasks at any time but must have completed the specified number by the end of the half term. All completed work (or work in progress pictures!) can be shared via Seesaw so achievements can be celebrated. At times, teachers may ask children to bring their work in to school. The learning challenge grid for each project is shared below, as well as some examples of the fantastic work completed by the children. The 'hall of fame' gallery is updated at the end of each project to celebrate the children's achievements.

To view the Year 6 Home Learning page and see our home learning grids and examples of some of the children's fantastic work, please click here.

Times Tables Rock Star Launch 2020-2021

Children and staff looked rocktastic for the launch of our Times Tables Rock Star learning for 2020-2021. Teachers explained how important learning times tables is and that, with lots of practice, children need to aim for instant recall of all times tables and division facts. Teachers also explained how the times tables rock stars programme works. To begin with, if you need more than 10 seconds to answer questions correctly, you are a rock 'wannabe'. You will climb up the ladder of rock stardom as you get quicker at answering questions accurately - so 6 seconds or less you will become a 'breakthrough artist' and at 4 seconds or less you will become a 'headliner'. Your aim is to become a 'rock star' - you will achieve this when you can answer times tables questions correctly in 3 seconds or less. If your recall becomes even quicker you can become a 'rock hero' and, finally, a 'rock god'!

You can find out more about 'Times Tables Rock Stars' by clicking here.

Examples of children's home learning projects to find out about their class gem stones, Amethyst and Jet.

News from our 'Frozen Kingdom' Creative Learning Project

To launch their new learning project, Year 6 visited the polar bears at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Back at school, children considered how animals have evolved so that they can survive in such a hostile environment, they conducted investigations to consider the adaptation of species and considered the impact on the environment if species were to become extinct.

Please click on the first image below to view our photograph gallery.

How is a polar bear adapted to its environment?

Year 6 have been using their acting skills to recreate the thoughts, feelings and actions of the passengers and crew during the last few hours of HMS Titanic’s final voyage.  The performances on show gave their teachers great hope for a fantastic pantomime in the summer term. 

During their 'Frozen Kingdom' project, children chose six pieces of project home learning to complete, including three writing challenges, two maths challenges and a creativity challenge. Tasks included: writing a diary extract to detail your expedition to the Arctic or Antarctic; creating a brochure for a new travel company which arranges visits to the Arctic or Antarctic; creating a polar collage; finding the distance between the Arctic and ten different countries from the six populated continents; creating food chain diagrams; creating a polar collage using a range of snowy images; exploring positive and negative numbers in the context of temperature; discovering the artwork of the Inuit; and writing a persuasive letter to the Prime Minister to explain how we need to do more to stop climate change. 

Please click on the picture link below to view a gallery of some of Year 6's fantastic home learning work.

Blood Heart

In their science project on 'Blood Heart' Year 6 took part in practical activities to find out about the heart's circulatory system and the passage of deoxygenated and oxygenated blood.

Children identified and named the main parts of the human circulatory system and identified the functions of the heart, blood vessels and blood. They also carried out research using text books and primary websites to identify the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on the way our bodies function before deciding how to present their explanations and findings in written accounts.

As part of their project on 'Blood Heart' Year 6 researched how unhealthy choices affect the heart and chose how to present their learning.

Harvest Festival – Thank You!

Thank you for your donations to the charity ‘Water Aid’.

Children from each class contributed to our online Harvest Assembly with different presentations on the theme of water, including ‘Why is water so important?’, ‘The beauty of water’, ‘How can we get energy from water?’, ‘Save our oceans’, ‘The work of Water Aid’, ‘Why is hand washing so important?’ and ‘Zeitu and Zahra’s walk for water’.

The children enjoyed wearing their non-uniform clothes with a ‘blue’ theme for Water Aid, so thank you to everyone for your support.

Intra-School Cross Country Tournament

The children in our Sports Council decided to organise our own intra-school Cross Country Tournament, as we were unable to take part in our usual Doncaster Schools' Tournament because of COVID-19 restrictions.

This involved every child in school competing for their House, with children in Years 3 and 4 undertaking a one mile course in the school grounds and children in Years 5 and 6 completing a 1.5 mile course. The total distance covered, by totalling the distance completed by each child, equals 265 miles (equivalent to one person running to Exeter or Stirling in Scotland).

Featured below are our medal winners in Year 6. The 2020 Intra-School Cross Country Tournament results were as follows:

1st - Darwin House

2nd - Hawking House

3rd - Einstein and Hodgkin House

I wonder which House will win our next intra-school sports competition? Good luck, everyone!

CSA 'Spooky Spoons' Competition

Our parent-teacher CSA group organised a fun competition for the children over half term. The children demonstrated amazing creativity with their 'Spooky Spoon' creations! Well done to our winners in Year 6 - Joe and Ellie.

Year 6 Anti-Bullying Work

In national Anti-Bullying Week, children in Year 6 took part in a question and discussion session about bullying. The children were given a number of prompt cards, including:

  • It is not is banter, can't you take a laugh?
  • Is there such a thing as an innocent bystander?
  • Cyberbullying doesn't involve physical harm, so what's the harm?
  • What can you do to get online bullying to stop?  

The children worked together to match each question card with a corresponding guidance card and then discussed their responses. This session supported children to consider a range of issues around the theme of bullying and how they should respond to these.

Intra-School Mat Ball Tournament

In the second half of the autumn half term we organised an intra-school Mat Ball tournament. This was hotly contested, with each House winning at least one game in the rounds.

Well done to our 2020 Mat Ball Champions - Hodgkin House

Hodgkin House leaders with the new trophy chosen by the Sports Councillors. This has green ribbons tied on the trophy ready to display in our trophy cabinet.

Wonderful WellBeing Days

As we are keeping within our year group protected bubbles, our Year 6 Mini Life Coaches were not able to run their usual lunchtime wellbeing sessions, so they met with Miss Wright, our Emotional Health and Wellbeing leader, to discuss what they could lead to support pupils across school at the current time.

The Mini Life Coaches decided they would hold 'Wonderful Wellbeing Days' when all pupils across school would have a health and wellbeing focus. At the end of the first half term, children took part in a year group cross country competition, they had a yoga and relaxation session, took part in mindfulness colouring and designed wellbeing shields to consider what 'powers' they already have to support their wellbeing.

At the end of the second half term, the Year 6 Mini Life Coaches designed another timetable for a day of wellbeing activities and they shared their plans via the weekly newsletter:

"Before the end of term, all of the children in school will be taking part in the second ‘Wonderful Wellbeing’ day of the year. We have organised a day of relaxing, fun and creative mindfulness activities with the help of Miss Wright. Now, more than ever, it is very important that we all take time to look after our emotional health and wellbeing and we are proud to support other children at Copley to do this. The day will involve a House mat ball competition with Mr Henry, mindfulness colouring, Christmas star guided meditation, an outdoor elf hunt, wellbeing photo booth and more. We hope you will all enjoy it very much. "

from the Year 6 Mini Life Coaches

Santa Dash

During the first week of December, thanks to our CSA group, the children enjoyed taking part in Copley’s first ever Santa Dash.

All children took part in a run in their year group bubbles within the school grounds as part of their timetabled P.E. lessons. The Santa Dash events looked very festive, with children wearing their Christmas jumper/t-shirt or a colourful top and a Santa hat.

Following the Santa Dash year group events, the CSA kindly organised for children to be presented with chocolate gold coins and a certificate of achievement. Well done everyone and thank you to the CSA (and also Santa, who completed eight laps of the course as he led each Santa Dash!).

To make the event even more fun, the CSA placed many festive decorations within the school grounds. There were so many hidden surprises for children to spot, it was very fortunate that our Santa Dash involved two laps of the course!

Father Christmas Visits Copley

We had a most fantastic surprise when our Teams reading reward assembly was interrupted by a special visitor, Father Christmas!

 Father Christmas arrived in his vintage sports car, his elves had transformed our P.E. container into a magical grotto and in his sacks, Father Christmas had a present for every child. It even snowed on this special occasion! This was a truly memorable experience for children and the excitement and joy on children’s faces was wonderful to see.

Thank you to parents/carers for your support for this event and to our amazing CSA team for all their work to make this such a fabulous occasion.

‘Polar Express’ Extravaganza

Our final Friday together of the autumn term was one of the most magical school days that could ever be imagined! Without doubt, we have the most amazing CSA team in the World, as their time, dedication, creativity and imagination in bringing the ‘Polar Express’ experience to the children has been exceptional. After weeks of preparation, a very long evening and an early morning start, the preparations were completed to give children a truly memorable experience.To see the full gallery of photos, please click here.

News from the first half of the spring term 2021 and our 'A Child's War' Creative Learning Project

In January 2021, as news broke of the new national lockdown owing to COVID-19, we moved to a hybrid model of learning, with just under 50% of pupils in school, (with places given to children of key workers and those judged as vulnerable), and just over 50% of pupils learning from home.

Our Remote Learning Offer is shared in full on the website, so please click here to access this. This page hosts our 'Parent Guide to Remote Learning'; the weekly timetable for Year 6; our Zoom Code of Conduct; and details of how pupils' work and Zoom links for maths, English lessons and Friday celebration meetings are uploaded to our Seesaw app.

Weekly Highlights from Amethyst and Jet Classes

Please scroll through our PowerPoint sharing highlights of the work this week from all the children in Amethyst and Jet classes. Alternatively, you can download the class PowerPoints by clicking on the links below.

Well done everyone!

E-Safety Week

During Internet Safety Week, children at home and at school considered the theme of: "An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world."

During E-Safety Week we watched and discussed online e-safety assemblies, including the national 'Safer Internet' assembly; we took part in an e-safety quiz to test our knowledge and understanding; we took part in the 'Detective Challenge' and joined in the live Safer Internet event with Manchester United to help us think about reliability in the online world.

Children were challenged to undertake the 'Detective Challenge' to see how many e-safety challenges they could complete.

Children in Year 6, at home and at school, designed posters to explain the SMART e-safety rules.

Acts of Kindness

Our Acts of Kindness challenge saw children undertaking lots of acts of kindness, including clearing the snow, stacking the dishwasher, cooking, giving a chocolate gift to say thank you to parents for helping with home learning and creating messages of inspiration.

Year 6 listened to war time songs and read their lyrics, before writing their own war time song.

Easter Fun at Copley! 

As part of our Easter celebrations, we were joined in school by Peter Rabbit! Excited to meet him, Year 6 dashed outside and on to the playground to meet the special visitor. They enjoyed dancing along to a number of popular songs before receiving an Easter gift of a Cadbury's Creme Egg from their House Leaders. We finished the afternoon by finding out who had won the many Easter competitions. Tesco was very kind and donated lots of Easter Eggs as prizes. Yum! 

Sports Day at Copley! 

Mr Henry planned a morning of sports for everyone to enjoy, including seated throw, cricket, basketball shot, hockey dribble and javelin to name a few! We all had a wonderful time developing our skills and demonstrated great sporting attitude by cheering and encouraging our team mates! The gallery of field events at Sports Day is shared below.

Our Sports Day afternoon continued with a very active theme with the track events, which included: sprint, hurdles, skipping, egg and spoon, football dribble, bat and ball, potato race, bean bag on head, sack race, relay races and Copley's very own spoke relay races as the grand finale. Our Sports Day gave all children so much opportunity to be actively involved. Well done to all the children for trying so hard in their events and for cheering on team mates with great sporting spirit.

2021 Sports Day Results:

4th place: Hawking House - 400 points

3rd place: Hodgkin House - 421 points

2nd place: Einstein House - 466 points

1st place: Darwin House - 503 points

Congratulations to Darwin House who will have the yellow ribbons on our Sports Day trophy until next year.

Our 2021 Sports Day Champions, Darwin House,enjoy their lap of honour!

Reptile Rendezvous

Using funds raised through the year, the CSA organised an educational experience with a difference! Year 6 found out so many fascinating facts about invertebrates, habitats and adaptation whilst handling a variety of creatures. There were so many great moments captured that we couldn't choose which ones to upload! Year 6 were all very brave and stepped out of their comfort zones to try new things. Well done everyone!  

Copley Junior Spelling Bee 2021

A huge well done to our Spelling Bee competitors and also to our enthusiastic pupil audience. We saw a very tightly contested competition between the year group! 

Please click on the first photograph below to view the gallery of photographs from the 2021 Spelling Bee.

Congratulations to our 2021 Spelling Bee bronze, silver and gold medal winners!

Thanks to your support and the children’s hard work, we have seen some truly amazing improvements in spelling scores for the statutory spellings. This will support children greatly in their independent writing. 

A special well done to children in the photographs below who achieved the most improved spelling results over the course of our Spelling Bee initiative!