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What a Great Day!

Posted: May 14, 2019 by: admin on: Robinwood 2019

What an action packed 2nd day!

The children had a very restful sleep before eating a hearty breakfast ready for the day's adventures in glorious sunshine.

Whirlpool and Iceberg groups started the day in the depths of the caves, shuffling through the tiny cracks and crevices to navigate an escape. They were very tactical in their approach, considering the best routes to take and how to help each other in the darkness. They then flew through the air like superheroes on the zip wire and enjoyed the rush as they soared on the giant swing. There were some great expressions caught on camera as the swing was released. All of this before lunchtime!

After lunch, they worked collaboratively to escape the ‘Dungeon of Doom’ solving challenges which tested their bravery and team-work. They even solved the challenges more quickly than the teachers! Next up, was the trapeze. The children climbed step by step to the top of the platform before making the leap like acrobats in the circus! Who would manage to return to the ground without landing on their bottom? What a skill! Before we could refuel with tea, Whirlpool and Iceberg entered the scary depths of the Piranha Pool. Would they get out before the piranhas were released? Fortunately their teamwork skills pulled them through and they escaped just in time.

Ocean and Wave groups have had an incredibly busy day too! First up was a dip in the Piranha Pool before donning their blindfolds to navigate the ‘squirrel riddled’ assault course in the Night Line activity. Who was able to bark the loudest in order to keep the squirrels away? Who made it to the end of the course? All became clear once the blindfolds were removed! Once their vision was restored, Ocean and Wave moved up to the lake where they tested their skills in the canoes. Luckily, everyone was excellent with the oar and nobody got too wet!

Ready for an afternoon of more fun, they headed to new heights with the giant swing before completing the Knights’ quest challenge. Great team work from everyone to avoid getting locked in the compound! They then continued on to the Dungeon of Doom where they could test their newly developed problem solving skills.

Once we had been fed another tasty tea, it was time for some collaborative entertainment with the team challenge! Quizzes, games and laughter provided an excellent end to a busy day!

Not long now before the all the children will be snuggled up in bed ready for the last few activities tomorrow – canoeing, raft building, climbing wall and trapeze still to come!

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admin May 14, 2019

Sounds like a wonderful day! Enjoy the rest of your time tomorrow and I look forward to seeing all the photos of your adventures. Mrs C