Copley Junior School

Year 6 2021-2022

News from our 'Frozen Kingdom' Learning Project

To start our exciting Frozen Kingdom topic, we visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We saw so many animals and some of them, like the lemurs, were so close that we felt we could touch them. As part of our visit, we took part in a workshop all about adaptations and evolution. The children were able to see and touch the skulls of tigers and polar bears, feel camel skin and see the size of a lion's claw. We were so impressed with the children's knowledge. Did you know a polar bear's skin is actually black and its fur is transparent!

Children were then given the opportunity to hold a giant land snail, tickle a hissing cockroach and stoke a slimy snake. We saw lots of courage as children overcame their fears. Look at the pictures below to see their very brave faces!

We also explored buoyancy and investigated how we could make a tin foil boat that would hold as many marbles as possible. We were very impressed with their engineering skills. One boat held over 60 marbles!


The children were really excited to find out that we would be finding out all about the Titanic and turning into our very own story books. We started by exploring the timeline and considering how people would be feeling at different parts of the journey. The children showed excellent drama skills with their expressive freeze frames.

The children have worked excellently in our Frozen Kingdom project. We have explored the similarities and differences between the Arctic and the Antarctic, looked at the adaptations of polar animals, identified key locations of the North Pole, investigated how to to keep ice frozen for as long as possible and explored polar food webs. Check out the gallery below of the fantastic work they have produced.

Blood Heart

What an interesting topic! We explored the parts of the heart and how it functions as part of the circulatory system before investigating the impact of our lifestyles on our hearts.

A Child's War

The children have really loved learning about World War Two. We started the topic with our own personal research at the 'Copley Museum' before heading to Murton Park for a thrilling immersive experience.

Following our trip, we continued our research into the role of the ARP warden, looking at their 'office' and all the equipment and skills they needed.

We learnt about why the war started and who was involved before using our geography skills to locate the key countries that were involved in the war. 

We then researched more information about the Blitz and used our knowledge of UK geography to identify different towns and cities that were bombed and why those locations were chosen.

The children showed incredible artistic skill when creating our mixed media landscapes to depict the blitz, working with paint, chalk and pen.