At Copley Junior, music provision is an important part of our creative approach to curriculum delivery. Many different opportunities are offered to pupils, both as timetabled lessons and extra-curricular activities.

Young Voices 2020

Once again, our enthusiastic Year 5 and 6 choir (of 64 children!) took part in the Young Voices Concert at Sheffield Arena. After months of practising the songs and dances with Miss Havercroft, the children were very excited to attend the afternoon rehearsal, followed by the concert itself. The whole performance with the dancers and vocalists was amazing, not to mention of course the incredible 8000 children in the Young Voices choir. We greatly appreciate that so many parents/carers and relatives were able to come in the evening to enjoy the performance. Well done to all the children for putting in so much effort to learn the songs and dance moves. As usual, the children were an absolute credit to the school with their enthusiasm and excellent behaviour.

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Year 3 Vegetable Orchestra

 As part of their 'Scrumdiddlyumptious' project Year 3 demonstrated their creativity by making a diverse collection of musical instruments out of vegetables! The children then formed 'vegetable orchestras' and experimented with different rhythm patterns before performing these to the class.

Year 3 'Stomp'

As part of their 'Mighty Metals' project Year 3 created metal instruments and then experimented with different rhythms, volume and tempo in their 'Stomp' performances.

Christmas Lights in Sprotbrough

Each year Miss Havercroft takes members of our school choir to sing carols at the village 'switching on' of the Christmas lights.

Choir Visit to Doncaster Royal Infirmary

We were very pleased to be invited to visit Doncaster Royal Infirmary with a small group of our choir to bring some festive cheer to the patients in the day room of Ward 1. Our selection of carols and poems was greatly enjoyed by all.

The hospital activities co-ordinator contacted us afterwards:

"On behalf of our entire ward we would like to say a big thank you to you and the children for coming along to sing for us. It was a fantastic afternoon and we all enjoyed it.  The children were excellent and very professional, they were great with our patients and staff and I just want to congratulate you on such well-behaved pupils. They should be extremely proud of themselves!"

Year 5 Christmas Concert 2019

Year 5 performed a humorous and delightful nativity themed play called 'C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S spells Christmas.’ Well done to all the actors and narrators for helping us to think about the true meaning of Christmas.

Please click on the video clips below to watch the children singing some of the songs from their concert.

Year 5 Concert 2018

Our Christmas Concerts are always well attended and give all the children in Years 5 and 6 opportunity to share their acting, dancing and singing skills. 

Our Year 5 pupils impressed everyone with their wonderful singing as they presented a lively nativity themed performance, ‘The Inn Crowd’. The nativity story was brought to life as seen through the eyes of the animals, who discovered that there was no better place to be than in the stable on the wondrous evening that Jesus was born.

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Please click on the video clip below to watch the children singing 'Spread the Joy'

Please click on the video clip below to watch the children singing 'Bethlehem'

Year 6 Concert 2019 - 'The Wizard of Copley'

The Year 6 performance of ‘The Wizard of Copley’ had something for everyone – fantastic acting, super singing, creative dance, humour, slapstick comedy, high tension, the triumph of good over evil and, of course, a happy ending. There were so many fantastic parts and so much for the children to learn – each and every child should be very proud of themselves. We have such talented children and teachers at Copley; thank you to parents, relatives and governors for your fantastic support at the performances.

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Year 6 Pantomime 2018

The Year 6 performance of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ had something for everyone – fantastic acting, super singing, energetic dance, humour, slapstick comedy, high tension, true love, the triumph of good over evil and, of course, a happy ending!

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Skype Songs with our French Penfriends

Year 5 learned two songs, 'Toc…toc…toc…Père Noël frappe à la porte’ in French and 'Santa Claus is coming to town'. We used Skype to perform 'Toc…toc…toc…Père Noël frappe à la porte’ and watched our penfriends performing it so we could further improve our pronunciation of the French vocabulary.

Carols and Readings at St Mary's Church

Our whole school community visits St Mary's Church to celebrate Harvest, Christmas and Easter. At our Christmas Carols and Readings Service, Year 4 children performed two carols led by our peripatetic music teacher Mr West.

Peripatetic Music

From Year 4, all children have opportunity to play a musical instrument - guitar, clarinet, flute, violin, cello or brass. Many of our instrumentalists attend Saturday Orchestra at the William Appleby Centre and achieve success in external music examinations.

At the end of the summer term 2019, parents and relatives were invited to a guitar concert so that children could perform solo and ensemble pieces to a wider audience. Thank you, as always, for being such an appreciative audience!

Opus Music Project

Our involvement in Ridgewood's Opus project provided additional opportunities to learn to play the alto saxophone, trombone, trumpet or baritone. As well as a weekly lesson in school, our Opus instrumentalists travelled to Ridgewood each week for Band Practice with children from other pyramid schools and students from Ridgewood. At the end of the year, Opus took part in a fantastic evening of musical performances with Ridgewood’s Elite Concert Band, their very own Rock Band and Doncaster's Jazz Stage Band.

Wider Opportunities Samba

As part of our commitment to Wider Opportunities, we provide weekly Samba lessons for all children in Year 4. Mr West from the Music Service leads our Samba lessons and our enthusiastic children's singing and drumming may well be heard across Sprotbrough! Lessons provide children with opportunity to:

  • play and perform in solo and ensemble contexts, using their voices and playing musical instruments with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression
  • improvise and compose music for a range of purposes and
  • listen with attention to detail and recall sounds with increasing aural memory.

Please click on the video clips below to watch a Samba lesson in action.

At the end of the year, parents and relatives are invited to a lively and energetic Samba performance!

BBC Music Day - Massed Samba Performance

We celebrated BBC Music Day by joining other school Samba groups in Sir Nigel Gresley Square, Doncaster. Together with 300 pupils from other schools, the children enjoyed a massed Samba workshop and entertained the shoppers of Doncaster with their Samba performances.

'Sing Out' Concert

Each year our Year 3 children take part in the 'Sing Out' Concert. This gives our children opportunity to join a choir, meet children from other schools and perform as part of a large choir of Doncaster schools at the Dome, in front of parents/carers and relatives. We were very proud to receive many compliments about the fantastic singing and dancing of our Year 3 choir and their ability in the two part harmonies.

Every year we are also lucky enough to take part in a school workshop where we work with DARTS to help create a new song for the concert, which we then learn and perform with the other school choirs at the Dome concert.

Please click on the photographs of the 'Sing Out' Concert below.

Video clips of previous 'Sing Out' Concerts

Year 5 Choir Project with Opera North

We have been very fortunate to be given the opportunity to work with professional musicians and vocalists from Opera North once again.

Our choir rehearsals and sessions led by Opera North specialists culminated in a concert at the Dome, where we joined other school choirs from across Doncaster to perform songs based on ‘Wonderland Restored’ alongside the professional chorus and orchestra of Opera North. ‘Wonderland Restored’ has been specially written for children’s voices and included songs such as ‘Off with her Head!” and ‘The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’. The choir gave a brilliant performance and it was a wonderful opportunity to perform with such a highly acclaimed orchestra. Thank you to Miss Havercroft for organising and leading our participation in this very enjoyable event.

Summer Talent Show 2019

The end the summer term is always busy with music express events and our annual Talent Show, which is organised by the School Council. We offer lots of musical opportunities in school, so we saw performances from the two Year 4 classes who have Samba lessons, as well as from the groups of children learning to play guitar. In addition we saw an eclectic range of talents from children in each year group, including dance, cheer leading, magic, gymnastics, drama, poetry performances, piano solo and vocalists in our annual Talent Show. Following the year group talent shows, the whole school enjoyed the Talent Show Finals before voting with a counter for their favourite act. Trophies were presented to the children in 3rd, 2nd and 1st place. We can certainly say that Copley Has Talent!

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Well done to the 2019 winner of Copley's Talent Show, with her fantastic and humorous poetry recital!

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

As well as peripatetic music lessons, our extra-curricular music provision includes Choir and Musical Theatre.

Our Musical Theatre club provides children with opportunity to develop their singing, dancing and theatre skills and members enjoy inviting parents to share their final performance. Pictured below is a scene from the musical 'Matilda'.

 Link with Sprotbrough Music Society

We have a valued link with Sprotbrough Music Society. This provides our children with the opportunity each year to take part in an interactive concert with professional musicians.

Catriona McDermid graduated from Oxford with First Class Honours in music and subsequently received a distinction for her Masters degree at the Royal College of Music. A keen orchestral musician, she has performed with the Royal Philharmonic, BBC Philharmonic, and BBC Symphony Orchestras plus many other leading Ensembles. She led a very engaging workshop on the bassoon – we hope this will help to inspire our many budding musicians in school!

We were pleased to welcome into school Hugh Wiggin, one of the most popular saxophonists of his generation and recent winner of the Gold Medal of the Royal Overseas League Annual Music Competition and Somi Kim, pianist, who has recently graduated from the Royal Academy of Music with an MA (Distinction) and is currently completing her Advanced Diploma. Our concert included music ranging from the baroque, through to Schumann as arranged by Liszt and modern works by Piazzolla, Messiaen and Leonard Bernstein – with a suite from “West Side Story”. 

'Travelling by Tuba'

This hugely enjoyable concert spanned 15 000 years of music beginning with the first natural instruments such as the conch shell, through the courts of 14th century Europe with early instruments like the sackbut and cornett. During this concert we listened to music from the 15-19th centuries with such instruments as the ophicleide, much loved by the likes of Berlioz and Mendelssohn before learning about the invention of valves, which gave rise to modern instruments such as the tuba! Guiding us through this programme were Chris and Stewart who performed a stunning innovative recital - not just a tuba concert! Their acknowledged success is due not only to their virtuosity but also their ability to entertain and communicate with an audience.

Year Group Workshops at the CAST Theatre 2020

Thanks to everyone's generosity at the Christmas Fair, our CSA members used our fundraising to organise and fully cover the cost of workshops at the CAST Theatre for every year group in school. Each year group participated in:

  • a backstage tour, exploring front of house and back stage; learning about all the different career opportunities in the life of a working theatre
  • 'Act it Out': a drama workshop, to develop children's skills of improvisation
  • 'Bring it Alive': a music and costume workshop, where children improvised through music and drama in response to different costumes 

Workshop leaders at the CAST Theatre were most impressed by the enthusiasm and engagement of our children, so well done to everyone! Thank you to CSA members for organising such a fantastic experience for every child in school.

 What Our Pupils Say

Here are some of the children's most recent reflections on their learning:

  • “One of my highlights was 'Young Voices'. The concert was amazing.” Emelia
  • “I took part in 'Young Voices' which was so much fun. I really enjoyed singing with all my teachers and friends.” Imogen
  • “I have taken part in 'Young Voices' and Opera North which have been very great fun.” Martin
  • “I have really enjoyed all the singing and going to the ‘Sing Out’ concert.” Bailey
  • “This year, my favourite subject has been music because I really like to sing.” Logan
  • “I have continued to have flute lessons and I enjoyed playing my flute to the class and everyone said how good I was.” Evie
  • “I am happiest during our Samba sessions as I like to listen to music. I like to play my instrument in guitar lessons too.” George
  • “I really like Samba because I like singing and playing drums.” Isabelle
  • “My favourite subject is Samba because I get to use instruments and we made a good group.” Sufyan
  • “I have definitely improved at guitar and I got a distinction in my exam.” Neve
  • “I love music and I have learned more about it in our ‘Identity’ topic.” Zoe