Year 5 Distance Learning

Welcome to our website page for Year 5 Distance Learning materials from Copley Junior. Learning never stops at Copley!

Underneath, you will find our distance learning materials for your year group.

Please also visit the following pages by clicking on the links below:

  • The Distance Learning home page - here you will find fantastic links to home learning that is suitable for all year groups and a wonderful gallery of the children's work. 
  • The Mindfulness, Relaxation and Creativity page - here you will find resources and links to support emotional wellbeing and relaxation.
  • Please click here for our Emotional WellBeing, further Mindfulness and Nature resources.
  • Recommended Free Online Learning Resources - this document lists many links to online resources to support learning across different curriculum subjects.
  • To access our Learning Challenges for all year groups, please click here. 
  • To access the 'Nessy' app for reading, writing and spelling, please click here.
  • We highly recommend the use of White Rose Maths, which you can access here. The White Rose Maths learning website offers daily video lessons. There are lessons for each year group every day with a Friday challenge and a link to that day’s BBC Bitesize page for more information and even more lesson content. Each week please watch the teaching videos on the White Rose Maths website and then visit your child’s Seesaw account to download the activity sheets and answers. We will be posting the activity sheets the day before the lesson. Answers will be posted after 12 noon on the same day so children can check their work and the next day’s work will be posted. Remember to keep uploading the children’s maths work on Seesaw so the teachers can admire everyone’s work and count up the house points.
  • Regular practice using Times Tables Rock Stars and Numbots is also highly recommended.
  • ‘Third Space Learning’ has sent us a link that you can access here to their independent recap maths worksheets. The maths worksheets are designed to align where possible with the objectives that have been taught if you’re following White Rose Maths online. They are available for every year group from Year 1 to Year 6 covering topics from angles to measurement and fractions. Each worksheet is designed to be completed independently by pupils and provides some practice of the concepts that they have been learning, whilst also providing some greater depth challenges.

  • To view our gallery of children's fantastic work on different themes, please click here. 

Remember to upload pieces of your work, and the fun activities you take part in, to your Seesaw account so your teacher can admire what you have been doing. You may see your work in our weekly gallery, where we celebrate everyone's achievements.

Year 5 Distance Learning Materials

Please find below our distance learning materials for Year 5. These are uploaded to children's Seesaw accounts each Friday. You can also access these by clicking on the following links:

 Home Learning Year 5 - Week One

Home Learning Year 5 - Week Two

Home Learning Year 5 - Week Three

Home Learning Year 5 - Week Four

Home Learning Year 5 - Week Five

Home Learning Year 5 - Week Six

Home Learning Year 5 - Week Seven

Home Learning Year 5 - Week Eight

Home Learning Year 5 - Week Nine

Home Learning Year 5 - Week Ten

Home Learning Year 5 - Week Eleven

Home Learning Year 5 - Week Twelve

Home Learning Year 5 - Week Thirteen

Home Learning Year 5 - Week Fourteen: Transition Learning Challenges

For the current home learning pack, please click on the words 'download document' underneath the item. Once downloaded, you will be able to click on the blue hyperlinks to take you to the online learning content.

Preparing for Change - Year 6 Transition Learning Challenges

To access the book cover template for one of the learning challenges above, please click here.

Welcome to Year 6 - Transition Activity

Preparing for Change - New to Year 6 Transition Learning Challenges

Summer Holiday Nature Challenges

We hope you will take part in our woodland and nature activities. Being outside in the world of nature is great for your emotional health and wellbeing, your fitness and taking part in the activities will also help the Eco Council earn more points as we work towards the Woodland Trust 'Green Tree Schools' Platinum Award. Please post any photos and images of your work in your Seesaw account.

Year 5 Maths Games And Activities Pack

These home learning maths activities and games are for Year 5 children to complete on their own or with a partner.

The Year 5 Maths Games And Activities Pack is sectioned into 10 independent maths activities and 10 activities for children to complete with a partner. 

The activities are designed to be fun, flexible and only involve items you can find in the pack or in your house. The pack is shared below and you can download this by clicking here.

Times Tables Games

Year 5 pupils can access games to help them learn their times tables by clicking here.

Maths Mystery Game

Can you solve the puzzles to crack the mystery of the Missing Lance? Click here if you are ready to take on the challenge.

Year 5 Gallery

Some examples of the fantastic learning from Year 5 that children have uploaded via their Seesaw account. Well done children! Remember to keep sharing your work on Seesaw so your teacher can admire what you have been doing.

Please click on the first image below to view the pic collage highlights from each week in Year 5.