Extra Curricular

Extra-Curricular Activities

There's always something happening at Copley Junior School. We are fortunate to be able to offer our children a vast array of opportunities and experiences to enhance their learning journey.

We aim to make sure that every child has access to a range of extra-curricular activities to supplement and support their learning outside of the normal school day. Please look below to find out more about all the extra-curricular activities we offer.

These activities are highlighted in our newsletters and in a termly club letter. In addition, we often send home details of external activities/events from other local providers so that you can enjoy these as a family.

During 2020-2021, we have been keen to continue to offer extra-curricular activities but we have been mindful of the high rates of transmission of COVID-19 in our local community. Therefore, we have offered clubs that can be run by school staff already working within the protected year group bubbles and one outside provider who offers all-weather outdoor and adventurous clubs, which present less risk of transmission as they are run outside. We prioritised active clubs and offered an active club for each year group, Scotty's Heroes for Years 5 and 6 and an additional craft club for Year 3, totalling seven extra-curricular clubs for the autumn and summer terms. 

Despite the restrictions of COVID-19, our pupils enjoy a whole range of extra-curricular activities. Look at our list of clubs attended by our pupils and the skills that they have developed! 

During 2019-2020 our extra-curricular programme ran for the autumn and spring terms only, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. During the two terms of 2019-2020, 19 extra-curricular clubs were organised, including Multi-Sport, Cooking, Sand Art, Music, Lego, Create Club, Football, Gymnastics, Aromatherapy, Street Dance, Cre8tive Textiles, Archery, Scotty's Heroes Y3/4, Scotty's Heroes Y5/6 (military missions and exercises!), Y6 Study Club, Multi-Skills, Choir, Homework Club and Book Club.

During 2018-2019, 22 extra-curricular clubs were organised, including Football, Lego, Create Club, Cooking, Craft, Gymnastics, Magic, Aromatherapy, CREST Science, Street Dance, Archery, Scotty's Heroes Y3/4, Scotty's Heroes Y5/6 (military missions and exercises!), Basketball, Y6 Study Club, First Aid, Yoga, Choir, Homework, Multi Skills, Cross Country and Cricket. We plan to further extend our range of clubs throughout 2019-2020. During 2018-2019 an amazing 735 club places were filled (202 children in school), involving 95% of all pupils.

Our Clubs

CREST Science Award Club - The CREST Science Awards scheme is the British Science Association’s flagship programme for young people. It is the only nationally recognised accreditation scheme for STEM project work (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects, providing science enrichment activities to inspire and engage 5-to-19-year olds and is supported by the Department of Education.

The ‘SuperStar’ programme is designed for pupils from 7-11 years. Children need to attend for eight sessions to undertake a range of science investigation activities. The scheme provides a vast bank of resources and ideas for us to choose enjoyable science investigations for the children to complete. Each week the children have their Science SuperStar passport stamped. Once the children have completed the full eight sessions they are awarded the CREST SuperStar certificate and badge.

Well done to our junior scientists who have achieved their Superstars Science CREST Award.

Create Club – Create Club is run by Mrs Lyons, who runs her Create Club Company, providing workshops for schools and community groups. The children made a creative ‘Around the World’ product each week to bring home as follows: Cave paintings with charcoal and mud; Aboriginal art; African bead making; Indian rice mandalas; Japanese printing and origami; Marvellous Mayan masks; Russian Faberge egg. In 2019 Create Club had a science theme: The Solar System – Marbling Planets; Exploring Light – Making a Spectroscope; Force and Reaction – Create a Gliding Robot; Computers and Binary Code – Binary Keyrings; Designing Planets – Create a 3D Planet; Whirligigs - Create a Colourful Spinning Whirligig; Exploring Reflections – Create a Kaleidoscope; Wind Catchers; Optical Illusions and Exploring Absorption – Rainbow Salt Pictures. 

Our spring term Create club had a focus on famous artists - including Banksy!

Choir - Once again, our enthusiastic Year 5 and 6 choir (of 61 children!) took part in the Young Voices Concert at Sheffield Arena. After months of practising the songs and dances with Miss Havercroft, the children were very excited to attend the afternoon rehearsal, followed by the concert itself. The whole performance with the dancers and vocalists along with the beat box crew was amazing, not to mention of course the incredible 8000 children in the Young Voices choir. We greatly appreciate that so many parents/carers and relatives were able to come in the evening to enjoy the performance. Well done to all the children for putting in so much effort to learn the songs and dance moves. As usual, the children were an absolute credit to the school with their enthusiasm and excellent behaviour.

Please click on the first image below to view our photograph gallery.

Art - Miss Passant leads our very popular Art Club. Children undertake fun activitities to develop their skills using a range of media, including water colours and oil pastels.

Scotty's Heroes - Our military fitness club, Scotty's Heroes, encourages children to take part in military missions that are lots of fun too. We asked the club provider to describe the club for new starters and this is what they say about Scotty’s Heroes!

“Scotty's Heroes awesome after school club will be arriving at Copley Junior School again soon. Scotty's looking for keen and motivated heroes to join our fantastic after school club, ready to deploy on a wide range of adrenaline rushing military style activities and games. Camouflaging into your environment with hide and seek, rescuing fellow heroes on escape and evasion, navigating across checkpoints and completing challenges, within our club your hero will take part in some of the most exciting and fun thrilling games around.”

Scotty's Heroes Holiday Club - Themed days for our popular Scotty's Heroes Holiday Club include: Military Activities; Survival Day; Orienteering Missions and Outdoor Hunting. The gallery below shows photos from the final day - partner activities; hot chocolate making; learning how to make and control fires safely and a very messy holi colour powder battle!

Our summer Scotty's Heroes Holiday Club saw some great activities for the hot weather!

Lego - We are very grateful to neighbours in the local community and CSA members who have helped us to build up a huge collection of Lego. Each week the Lego models get bigger and bigger!

Cross Country - All children in school are invited to join our popular cross country club. Club sessions prepare children for team selection as we compete in a number of cross country events through the year.

Music - Mrs Kenyon, our peripatetic guitar teacher, leads a range of musical activities at her Music Club, which include playing percussion instruments, rhythm work, singing, composing and improvising.

First Aid  -  Our First Aid training course is a carefully developed after school programme that is aimed at primary children. It covers such issues as what to do if someone has a sprain, broken a bone, has an asthma attack, heart attack or suffers cuts and grazes. Bandaging patients and practising CPR on dummies is all part of the course. This a great opportunity for children to learn the basics about how to save a life. When children successfully complete the four week course they receive a ‘Copley Medics First Aid’ certificate.

Basketball - During Sporty Week our basketball sessions were so popular that the children in the Sports Council asked for a basketball club.

Craft - The children make a craft product each week to bring home: badge making; dream catchers/mobiles; keyrings; finger puppets and seasonal craft.

Balloon Modelling - You can hear the sound of balloons popping after school as children learn the skill of balloon modelling. Some wonderful balloon creations have been made!

Yoga - Relaxation, motivation and learning new skills at yoga!

Sand Art – Children thoroughly enjoy creating sand art pictures with our outside provider. There are over 70 designs to choose from and children chose which sand colours to use to create their piece of art work, ready to take home at the end of each session.

To find out more about Sand Art, and to watch a video about how sand art pictures are created, please visit our providers' website by clicking here.

Football - Our football club is very popular! Mr Henry leads our Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 clubs. He keeps the children very active for an hour after school and supports the children to develop their football skills really well.

Aromatherapy – We are very fortunate to have a close link with a qualified aromatherapist who leads our aromatherapy club. Children make a range of treats including: body wash; aroma bags; cherry bakewell pie soap; winter lip balms; magic bath oil and rainbow bath salts.

Archery -  Our archery providers lead our weekly archery club, which is always a very popular extra-curricular activity at Copley Junior. The children practise their skills and collect points through their training sessions. At the end of the course, children receive certificates and sometimes medals are awarded!

Cooking - Our cooking club enables children to learn how to make a range of savoury and sweet food products. At the end of each session children have a tasty treat to take home.

Gymnastics - Our Gym club is led by Miss Hull. Every year our gymnastics team is selected following trials and we compete in the gymnastics championships. In 2017 we competed at county level and our team came 3rd for the whole of Yorkshire! In 2018 we are proud to announce that the team came 2nd for the whole of Yorkshire. In 2019 we were very proud to share that the team came first and they became County Champions for the whole of Yorkshire! In 2020 we were again very proud of our gymnastics team as they competed at county level again and came 2nd for the whole of Yorkshire.

Click on the video clip below to see the Gym Club in action!

Street Dance - Danni leads our Street Dance Club with great energy and enthusiasm. Children develop their skills over a number of weeks and we invite parents and relatives to their club performance finale.

Click on the video clip below to see the Street Dance Club in action!

Cheerleading - Our Cheerleading Club practise their routines with great energy and enthusiasm. Click on the clip below to see one of their routines.

Cre8tive Textiles Club - During Cre8tive Textiles Club, using various background bases and art materials, children create printed designs onto fabric, using stamps and freehand painting.

This short course allows time to: develop stamping/painting skills; create a picture on a fabric square (large enough to be made into a cushion/picture) and then decorate/customise a pencil case/stuff bag. The children have thoroughly enjoyed developing their creative skills!

       Residential Visits
Our curriculum is enhanced by residential visits in Years 5 and 6. Please click below to find out more information and view some pictures of the memorable experiences enjoyed by the children. Our 2020 residential visits could not take place owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, so details of the 2019 visits are shared below and we look forward to the time when we can offer residential visits again.

Year 5 Residential Visit to Robinwood 2019

Thank you so much to Miss Blades-Baker, Miss Wright, Miss Tierney and Mrs Docherty for leading our 2019 residential visit to Robinwood.

The visit has been action packed and a great success. A lovely location to stay in and such a varied range of activities led by the experienced team at Robinwood, including canoeing, Knights’ Challenge, the giant swing, obstacle course, the pirhana pool challenge, raft building, crate challenge, team building exercises, nightline, archery, zip wire, caving and climbing! We have covered the entirety of the National Curriculum expectations for outdoor and adventurous activity during the visit and the visit has been superb for children’s personal development. We have seen qualities of team work, independence, resilience, decision making and risk taking all flourish. The children's willingness to 'have a go', their enthusiasm and the support the children have given to each other and their team work have been exemplary. Each and every child deserves to be proud of their good behaviour and their achievements during the visit.

Our residential visit has been a fantastic success and I would like to thank Miss Blades-Baker, Miss Wright, Miss Tierney and Mrs Docherty for their enthusiasm, energy and superb 24 hour care of the pupils over the three days of the visit!

Click on the photo below to follow the link to our 2019 Robinwood website page - this has galleries of over 400 photos from the visit for you to view.


Year 6 Residential Visit to Northumberland 2019

Our Year 6 residential visit is action-packed, as you can see from the highlights below:

Day One Highlights - Our journey to Northumberland, Beamish Museum, rock pooling and evening activities on the beach.

Day Two Highlights - Our walk to Dunstanburgh Castle, acrobatics at the sand dunes, our boat trip from Seahouses to the Farne Islands where we landed on Inner Farne, evening activities at the beach including rock pooling and paddling in the North Sea.

Day Three Highlights - Our visit to Alnwick Castle for the Harry Potter Tour and the Broomstick Workshop, followed by finding crabs, paddling and playing cricket on the beach.

Day Four Highlights - Our visit to the Vindolanda Roman Museum and the journey back home.

Click on the photo below to follow the link to our 2019 Northumberland website page - this has galleries of 300 photos from the visit for you to view.

Music Tuition

From singing in assembly, School Choir rehearsals for the 'Young Voices', 'Big Sing' and Opera North Concerts, singing at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, singing at the Christmas village lights 'switch on' event, peripatetic lessons for Violin, Clarinet, Flute, Brass, Piano and Guitar and Samba lessons, there are many musical experiences to be enjoyed at Copley Junior. Please click below to find out more:

Music at Copley

What Our Pupils Say

Here are some of the children's most recent reflections on their extra-curricular learning:

  • “I enjoyed attending cookery club and learnt how to make lots of different recipes – they were all delicious!” Eric
  • “After school, I enjoyed cookery club (so much that I did it twice!) and basketball club. I was able to develop lots of skills that could help me in the classroom such as communication and organisation.” Isabella
  • “I have especially enjoyed the clubs that I have gone to this year – Scotty’s Heroes and Archery. In Archery I have improved my concentration and aim because I can now score more golds than when I started.” Emma
  • “This year, I have taken part in Create club. It has helped me to develop my ideas so that I can do more crafts at home.” Amelia
  • “I’m really pleased that I went to Star Medics club because I now know how to do first aid, including how to stop a nose bleed.” Eden
  • “Attending Scotty’s Heroes has helped me to develop perseverance.” Evie
  • “I have been involved in lots of extra-curricular activities, which I have enjoyed, including Scotty’s Heroes, Aromatherapy and Young Voices.” Isaac
  • “I have been part of the gymnastics team and I have worked hard to develop my flexibility.” Annabelle
  • “This year I have been to Scotty’s Heroes, street dance and Star Medics. I have really enjoyed all the school events and going to the different clubs.” Evie
  • “This year I have been a sports councillor and I have been to create club, football, Scotty’s Heroes and Lego club.” Jayden
  • “This year I have been to create club, yoga, football, craft club, street dance and Lego club.” Scarlett
  • “This year, I have attended Aromatherapy, Archery, Create and Lego club which have all been great.” Holly
  • “I have been to lots of after-school clubs this year such as Lego, Create club, First Aid and Science club.” James