Copley Junior School

Year 6

We have seen a sudden rise in positive COVID cases in Year 6, with staff and pupils becoming unwell. To ensure that everyone has access to remote learning, we have created this page to share the current provision with you. Here you will find everything you need for your time at home. 


Day 1-2 of Absence

If you are awaiting a PCR result or have tested positive, these links will provide instant access to remote learning for you at home. The office will send this timetable to you on your first day of COVID related absence. 

Your teacher may be at school teaching the rest of the children or your teacher may be at home poorly too! 


If you are unable to return to school because you have tested positive and remain well or if you are isolating as a close contact, you can follow the timetable below and upload your completed work to Seesaw. 


Day 3 of Absence

Day 4 of Absence

Day 5 of Absence

Day 6 of Absence

Day 7 of Absence