Year 6 Graduation 2020

Our 2020 Graduation was different to usual as we could not organise a gathering of pupils, parents, relatives, staff and governors as we usually do because of the restrictions placed upon us by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we made sure to celebrate the children's achievements. Each child was presented with their Leaver's Certificate. We also celebrated achievements with our Curriculum Prizes, the Siddall Sports Trophy and the Head teacher’s Awards. Winners of the awards were presented with their trophies, engraved with their name, to keep as a memory of their achievement at Copley Junior School.

Children’s beautiful work folders were presented in the hall, along with a ‘Year 6 survival bag’. All children had House Point Badges to collect and sixteen children in Year 6 achieved our highest award of the House Point Trophy. This is a significant award that recognises children with over 700 House Points! Children received personalised memory cards with all the signatures from staff and teachers organised a virtual t shirt signing for all the children.

Year 6 Leavers 2020 with their Leavers' Certificate Scrolls

A Pic Collage of all our 2020 Year 6 Leavers

We could not sign the shirts of all our friends as usual so instead the children signed a 'virtual' shirt!

Curriculum Prizes 2020

Curriculum prizes are awarded by an accumulation of recommendations from each teacher over the full four years at Copley Junior School. The recommendations are made for children who have demonstrated determination to succeed, have made significant progress or have excelled over time in the subject. We are just as keen to reward effort and the overcoming of barriers to learning as excellence and high levels of achievement.

English Award 2020

Olivia T

Gracie D

Maths Award 2020

 Eliza W

Evie L

Science Award 2020

Owen F

Esme S

Sports Award 2020

Charlie L

Emelia D

Arts Award 2020

Stanley S

Siddall Sports Trophy 2020

Noah W

Head teacher’s Award 2020

The Head teacher’s Award is given in recognition of the demonstration of the key learner values which we hold dear at Copley Junior School. These include academic endeavour, cheerfulness, getting fully involved in school life, integrity, showing a good example to and caring for others and enjoying all that school has to offer.

Head teacher’s Award 2020

Emma H

Eric B

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A Pic Collage of all our Award Winners 2020

House Point Trophies

Well done to all our Year 6 pupils who achieved the highest House Point award of the House Point Trophy, for achieving over 700 house points!

A Pic Collage of all our House Point Trophy Award Winners