CSA Polar Express

‘Polar Express’ Extravaganza

Our final Friday together of the autumn term was one of the most magical school days that could ever be imagined! Without doubt, we have the most amazing CSA team in the World, as their time, dedication, creativity and imagination in bringing the ‘Polar Express’ experience to the children has been exceptional. After weeks of preparation, a very long evening and an early morning start, the preparations were completed to give children a truly memorable experience.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the day was seeing the children’s faces as they entered the hall; it was lovely to see their excitement.

Some children thought our conductor looked remarkably like Mr Henry. I can’t possibly comment, although it was noted that the conductor and Mr Henry were never seen in the same room together on Friday…

There were so many sights to see in our ‘Polar Express’ hall and there was great excitement when our train emitted steam (all asthma-safe, of course!)

Children collected two gifts from the ‘Polar Express’ hall; a reindeer gift bag that contained a candy-cane and a fantastic book to read for Christmas and each child collected their ‘Believe’ bell from the Christmas tree.

Back in the classrooms, children watched the 'Polar Express' film, with hot chocolate and a delicious cookie halfway through.

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