Copley Junior School

Year 6 Graduation 2021

Our time at Copley has been special for so many reasons. We have found new ways to learn from home and maintain contact with our friends and loved ones whilst mastering the technology of Zoom and throughout our time at Copley, we have made many great memories. Our teachers say the thing that is most special is the way that we have faced every challenge that we have been presented with, always with a smile on our faces. To celebrate the year, and our time at Copley, we dressed in our smartest clothes and enjoyed reflecting on how much we have learned. 

The CSA decorated the hall so that we could celebrate in style! There were banners, helium balloons, streamers and even a balloon arch. What a lovely surprise as we came to school. 


The graduation ceremony consisted of three main parts which we have compiled into film clips so that you can enjoy the event as much as we did. During the first part of the ceremony, we each reflected on the traits of our friends and how much they have helped us throughout our time at Copley. 

Next, Mrs Crayton presented us all with our 'Graduation Scrolls'. We are the Copley Class of 2021!

Finally, Mrs Crayton announced the winners of the Copley Awards for 2021. 

Here are some of the highlights from the Copley Graduation 2021...