Pupil View

Our School Council, House Leaders, Mini Life Coaches, Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, Playground Leaders, Librarians, Eco Council and Sports Council members are just some of the ways in which we ensure children's views are listened to and acted upon. Children at Copley can be relied upon to have the most fantastic ideas and they have wonderful organisational skills too! Our pupil leadership groups contribute greatly to school life and school improvement, so please click on the links below to see what the children have been busy with:

School Council

House Leaders

Mini Life Coaches

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Playground Leaders

Eco Council

Sports Council


Pupil Surveys

Pupil surveys are also conducted on a regular basis in order to evaluate pupil views and we then act on these to develop provision further.

What Our Pupils Say - Pupil Views 2019

Pupil Survey July 2018

Pupil Homework Survey September 2016

Pupil Survey November 2015

Pupil Survey July 2014

Pupil Survey January 2014

Pupil Views July 2019

When we issue annual reports to parents, children have the opportunity to write down their own thoughts about their year in school. Please find below a snapshot of pupil views about different curriculum subjects across school.

Pupil Survey July 2018

Our most recent survey was formulated by members of the School Council and was completed by every pupil in school. The results will help to guide our next steps as we continue to develop provision at Copley Junior.