Copley Junior School

School Council

Our School Council is made up of two pupils from each class who are democratically elected to represent the views of all pupils and they work together to make Copley Junior an even better school. School Council members meet to discuss many different aspects of school life and have a big say in how our school is run.


How do I get elected if I want to become part of the School Council?

Elections for the School Council are held every year in the autumn term. If you have just served on the School Council for the previous year, we ask that you do not stand again for the next year, as we like to give different children the chance to take part.

At School Council election time, all children in school are invited to stand if they are interested. You will need to prepare a short speech to persuade class members to vote for you! You might like to prepare a campaign poster or write some notes to help you. Share with your class all the reasons why you would make a great Class Councillor – perhaps you are full of good ideas, a good listener, maybe you are good at organising events and enthusiastic about making Copley Junior even better.

After you have shared your ideas with your class, everyone in your class will be asked to vote. The elections for School Council are a good example of democracy; this means everyone in your class has the chance to be involved in deciding who will be the Class Councillors, as everyone has a vote. We use a ballot box and votes are counted by pupil returning officers. Our elections run just like the General Election that decides who is in government for the country.


Who is the lead teacher for the School Council?

Miss Tierney leads on this aspect of school life. She attends all the meetings and oversees the work of the School Council. She is very enthusiastic and loves working with the School Council!

When do the School Council meet?

The School Council meets regularly through the school year. The School Council display board outside the hall and this website page give you information about what the School Council has been working on. The agendas and minutes for the meetings are on display on the School Council board and the minutes are on this website page also.

I am not a member of the School Council. How are my views and ideas listened to?

If you have a great idea or something you want the School Council to discuss, please use the suggestions wallet outside the school hall or speak to your Class Councillor. Your Class Councillors are the link between the class and the School Council. When the School Council is taking forward an action e.g. choosing new class names, they will come back to your class for your ideas and they will then share these at the School Council meeting so that everyone’s views are considered.

How can I find out more about the work of School Councils?

You can visit the CBBC Newsround website to find out more about being in a School Council. Click on the link below.


School Council Work 2020-2021

Remembrance Day

Children in the School Council prepared our assembly for Remembrance Day, which was then shared in every classroom. The School Councillors in each year group organised the sale of poppies every day. We raised an amazing £489.20! 

Children in Need 2020

The children in the School Council decided they would like to have a rainbow theme for our Children in Need day. Children looked so bright and colourful in their home clothes.

Please see below a full gallery of all the children in school. We raised £210.20 so many thanks for your generous support.

‘Junior Make Your Mark’

Well done to our Year 6 School Councillors, Thomas, Isabelle S, Isabelle H and Mia, as they did such a good job representing our school in a Teams meeting with Miss Enwright from Doncaster Council. Doncaster has great commitment to making Doncaster the most child friendly borough. Our Year 6 Councillors were asked for their views about Doncaster’s priorities for improvement and the children gave their views with great maturity and confidence. The views from our children will help to identify key priorities for a survey that all Doncaster pupils will be asked to complete so that children’s views shape the future for Doncaster.

Meeting with the Office of the Children's Commissioner

Following their successful Teams meeting with the Local Authority, our school was invited to take part in an online meeting with the Office of the Children's Commissioner. The meeting gave our children opportunity to share their views about the positives of our local area and what further improvements could be made and provided valuable information to the Office of the Children's Commissioner. Once again, children gave their considered views with great maturity.

'Smile with the School Council'

All children in the School Council, whether working in school or at home, decided to create a booklet to make everyone smile during the period of lockdown. In their booklet, each School Councillor contributed a joke; a message of hope/inspiration; and shared what they are looking forward to after lockdown. We shared our School Council booklet with all the children by posting it in everyone's Seesaw account. Read our booklet - we hope it makes you smile!

Comic Relief Day 2021

Thank you to everyone for your support of our themed day for Comic Relief. Children looked great in their non-uniform/super hero clothes. Well done to all children who took part in our competition to design a super hero mask - we had so many creative entries. The children in the School Council will be meeting with Miss Tierney next week to look at the photos taken of entries within each year group to award prizes.

As well as our dress-up theme, children contributed their best jokes to their teacher and these featured between each round of our whole school Zoom Red Nose Quiz. A fun day and thank you for all contributions to the Comic Relief charity. We will let you know how much we have raised next week.

Please click on the first image below to browse through our gallery of Comic Relief Day photos.

School Council Work 2019-2020

Remembrance Day

Children in the School Council prepared and led our assembly for Remembrance Day.

Non Uniform Day 2019

We planned activities to have fun and raise money for the local flood relief fund, including a non-uniform day with a pyjama theme and the opportunity to enter a competition to guess the number of sweets in the jar.

Thank you so much for your fantastic support of our fundraising day. Children and staff looked fabulous in their pyjamas and Pudsey themed clothes. We sent out a ParentPay message to share that, in the light of the local floods, on this occasion we would send the total raised to the local flood relief fund to help our community. In our assembly we celebrated the fantastic work of Children in Need and how many people in our local community are helping people affected by the floods. As well as a pyjama day, children in the School Council organised a competition to guess the number of sweets in the jar. We raised an amazing £420!

Kindness Pebbles in Anti-Bullying Week

Thank you to members of the School Council who created ‘kindness pebbles’ as part of our focus on small acts of kindness during Anti-Bullying Week. The Y6 Anti-Bullying Ambassadors hid the pebbles around our grounds for children to find at break times. Children could choose to keep the pebble they found or hide it again for someone else to discover. We had a very active break time as children searched for the pebbles!

Pupil Survey 2019

Our pupil survey was promoted by members of the School Council and was completed by every pupil in school. The results helped to guide our next steps as we continue to develop provision at Copley Junior. The School Council had a meeting to discuss the results and shared these with all the pupils to help us to decide on our next steps.

Visit by Mr Ed Miliband, MP

We were delighted to welcome Mr Ed Miliband, our local MP, as he visited school on Friday 13th March. He was very interested to find out about all the fantastic work we do at Copley and he was very impressed by the lovely displays of children’s work across school. Following his tour, led by the School Council, Mr Miliband spent time with the School Council, who took the opportunity to ask questions about his work as an MP. The children in the School Council led a high quality question and answer session! Mr Miliband was very kind in the time he gave to answering their questions and he was most impressed with our wonderful children in the School Council.

A selection of the children's questions:

What do you think is the best thing about Great Britain? Kalis N

Why did you want to become an MP? George C

How do you become an MP? Olivia T

What is the best part about being an MP? Holly N

What does your day look like as an MP? Tillieann L

What is your biggest achievement as an MP? Olivia W

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as an MP? Emilia K

What is your funniest memory as an MP? Poppy W

Which primary school did you attend? Eliza W

Were you ever part of a School Council? Amelia D

Did you always want to be an MP? Martin S

What school subjects have helped you in your role as an MP? Billy K

If you could improve one thing for our local community, what would it be? Isobel L

What do you think is the most important thing to do to help protect the environment? Gracie G

What was your favourite subject at school? Nieve P

Which famous person have you enjoyed meeting the most? Fynn H

What is the biggest challenge facing the country today? Eddie H

Have you visited a school in Sprotbrough before? Harry D

School Council Work 2018-2019

Pupil Survey 2018

Our pupil survey was formulated by members of the School Council and was completed by every pupil in school. The results helped to guide our next steps as we continue to develop provision at Copley Junior. The School Council had a meeting to discuss the results and shared these with all the pupils to help us to decide on our next steps.

Remembrance Day

Children in the School Council prepared and led our assembly for Remembrance Day.

The School Council placed remembrance pebbles around the school grounds. If children found a remembrance pebble, they could take a moment to think about all the people in the armed forces and their families. Once children had had their moment with the pebble, they could choose to either leave the pebble for another child to find so they could have a moment to remember, or they could keep the pebble.

Children in Need

We planned activities to have fun and raise money for Children in Need, including a non-uniform day with a colourful/spotty theme and the opportunity to watch Disney animation movies at break times, with a small admission fee to raise funds for this worthwhile charity.

Thank you to all the children who brought donations on the day, raising £226 for Children in Need. Well done to all the children in the School Council for organising such a successful day.

Please click on the first image below to view our gallery of Children in Need photos.

Red Nose Day for Comic Relief

Our School Council decided to have fun on Red Nose Day by inviting children to come into school dressed in red or non-uniform clothes, with an added theme of 'crazy hair'! As well as bringing in a voluntary donation for the Comic Relief charity, children could bring in an extra 50p to enter the 'Craziest Hair Competition'. Well done to our  winners: Lottie (1st), Eden (2nd) and Lidija (3rd), who received prizes for their creative and crazy hairstyles.

Please click on the first photo below to view our gallery of photographs from Comic Relief 2019.

Talent Show

Our annual Talent Show is organised by the School Council. The School Council designed letters and posters to publicise the Talent Show. We saw an eclectic range of talents from children in each year group, including dance, cheer leading, magic, gymnastics, drama, poetry performances, piano solo and vocalists. Following the year group talent shows, the whole school enjoyed the Talent Show Finals before voting with a counter for their favourite act. Trophies were presented to the children in 3rd, 2nd and 1st place. We can certainly say that Copley Has Talent!

Please click on the first image below to view photos from our Talent Show.

Well done to the 2019 winner of Copley's Talent Show, with her fantastic and humorous poetry recital!

Our School Code of Conduct

 Members of the School Council worked with Class Councils to formulate our Copley Code of Conduct.


Changes to the School Lunch System

Members of the School Council led consultation with children in all classes about changes to the school lunch system. You can see the results of the vote below. As a result, the new school dinner system was introduced.

Year 2 Welcome and Transition Booklet

The School Council designed and prepared a Welcome Booklet for our Year 2 children who are joining us in September. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Are You Interested in Joining the School Council?

Thinking about applying for the role of School Council member next year? Have a look at the application form below so that you can be well prepared!