School Awards

Ofsted - 'Good' Provider

Copley Junior School was inspected in April 2016. The overall effectiveness of our provision was judged as 'good', with the following grades:

Effectiveness of leadership and management  - Outstanding

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment  - Good

Personal development, behaviour and welfare  - Outstanding

Outcomes for pupils  - Good


Healthy Schools Award

Copley Junior School holds the Healthy Schools Award. This has been awarded to schools that can demonstrate they have met exacting national standards in their provision of Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE), Healthy Eating, P.E. and Emotional Health and Well-Being.

Anti-Bullying Charter Mark - Gold Level

We are proud to share that following a visit from external assessors we have been awarded Doncaster’s Anti-Bullying Charter Mark at Gold level. Our external assessors reviewed our policies, procedures and approach to creating a safe, supportive and inclusive school community. Our external assessment visit also included talking to different groups of children, including our School Council and Mini Life Coaches, to gain their views of their school experience.

The Diana Award

We are very proud that our Anti Bullying Ambassadors have received a national honour with the Diana Award, in recognition of the work they have led to promote anti-bullying and creating a safe, positive and supportive school environment.

"The Diana Award was set up in memory of Princess Diana and her belief that young people have the power to change the world for the better. It is committed to fostering, inspiring and developing positive change in the lives of young people through practical social action.” The award celebrates “exceptional young people who embody Princess Diana’s qualities of kindness, compassion and service.” Please visit the Anti-Bullying Ambassador page to find out more by clicking here. 

Celebrating Safeguarding Award

We were delighted to be nominated for a 'Celebrating Safeguarding' Award for all the anti-bullying work led by our wonderful Anti-Bullying Ambassador team, and even more delighted that one of our pupils was successful in being chosen to receive the award by Doncaster Children’s Safeguarding Board and Doncaster Adults' Safeguarding Board. Jamie gave a short speech at the Mansion House in front of invited guests and other award winners and was presented with a certificate and gift voucher by the Mayor. Jamie shared some of the children's anti-bullying work on one of the stalls at the event.

Spotlight on Safeguarding Star Award

Well done to our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, as their outstanding work to promote anti-bullying and their commitment to sharing best practice across schools in Doncaster has been recognised by Doncaster Council's Safeguarding Team. We are very proud to be one of the first three schools in Doncaster to receive this award. To find out more about the work of our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, please click here.

School Games Award

The School Games Mark is a Government led awards scheme that aims to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. In July 2017 we achieved the Bronze School Games Award and we were reaccredited with the award in July 2019. We are close to achieving Silver so, with a few development steps in mind, this is our aim for 2019-2020.



We gained Activemark, in recognition that 100% of children in school experience at least two hours of high quality physical education/activity a week and many take part in more.

The Youth Sport Trust Quality Mark Award

The Youth Sport Trust Quality Mark Award recognises school achievement in delivering P.E. and healthy lifestyles. The audit process reviewed school provision in delivering P.E., the school’s strategic development plans for improving P.E. and sports provision, staff training, the provision of extra-curricular activities etc. We have been awarded the Silver Quality Mark.


Eco Schools Green Flag Award

We are very proud to have been awarded the Eco Schools Green Flag Award. The Eco Schools Green Flag is an internationally recognised award for excellence in environmental action and learning and the highest Eco Schools Award that can be achieved. Very well done to the Eco Council! Our enthusiastic 'Green Team' is led by Mrs Westerman. Please click here to find out more about the work of our Eco Council and the work they have led to achieve the Eco Schools Green Flag Award.

The Eco Council celebrating their success!

The Woodland Trust 'Green Tree School' Silver and Gold Awards

The Woodland Trust 'Green Tree School' Award rewards schools for completing environmental projects and encouraging outdoor learning. Our projects, including promoting active travel, recycling, reducing the use of paper with our 'Christmas Wish Tree' initiative, planting saplings, looking after our school garden, our partnership work with the Woodland Trust and reducing our carbon footprint have enabled us to achieve the Gold Award. We are now working towards the prestigious Platinum Award!

International School Award

We are very proud to share that Copley Junior has been awarded the Foundation Level of the International School Award.

Our application against the national criteria for the International School Award was externally assessed by the British Council. Our assessor commented:

“Copley Junior School is clearly committed to developing an international dimension in its curriculum, as is demonstrated on its excellent international page on its website. You have demonstrated an excellent start in promoting the international dimension across your school and highlighting the benefits of learning in a global context. Your commitment to extending and embedding internationalism in your curriculum is a valuable aspect of your school ethos. A pen pal exchange will have given your pupils a real purpose to their French learning. Congratulations, and good luck in your continuing international journey!”

We look forward to continuing to develop our international links and our valued link with St Joseph. You can find out more about our work to develop international links by clicking here.

AcSEED Award (Supporting Emotional Wellbeing in Schools)

We are proud to share that we have met the national AcSEED criteria for emotional wellbeing and mental health support, and we have therefore been accredited with the AcSEED Award. Copley Junior is the first primary/junior school in Yorkshire to be awarded the AcSEED accreditation!

The external AcSEED review team reported back to us to share that they were particularly impressed with:

    1. "The work of the Wellbeing lead in promoting Positive Mental Health within Copley Junior.
    2. The work of the Anti-Bullying Ambassador pupil team.
    3. The involvement of Governors in the school’s wellbeing development.
    4. The child friendly wellbeing policy is inspirational.
    5. Pupil leadership groups formulating policies and promoting student wellbeing.
    6. The Mini Life Coaches PowerPoints.
    7. Involvement in the 'Mental Toughness' programme.
    8. The Civic Mayor’s ‘Make a School Difference’ Award for Mini Life Coaches.
    9. Achievement of the Diana Award – National Anti-Bullying Award.
    10. Listening to students and responding to their ideas to shape emotional wellbeing in school.
    11. The work of the Mini Life Coaches.
    12. The range of activities available to students with a focus on emotional health."

To find out more about the AcSEED Award, please visit their website by clicking here.

Civic Mayor Award for the Mini Life Coaches

We are very proud to share that our Year 6 Mini Life Coaches have been awarded the Civic Mayor’s ‘Make a Difference School Award’, out of 93 nominations from schools across Doncaster.

 Our Year 6 Mini Life Coaches provide peer mentoring across school and have been very successful in leading lunchtime workshops on a variety of themes: meditation and relaxation; mindfulness colouring; outdoor teamwork fun and creative crafts. The feedback from the children who have attended (65% of our school community, 130 children) shows what great impact the workshops have had. Please visit the Mini Life Coaches website page to find out more by clicking here.

 I am very grateful to Miss Wright, our fantastic PSHCE subject leader, who leads our Mini Life Coach work with so much enthusiasm and dedication. She was very proud to attend the celebration event at the Mansion House and to see our award being presented to one of our Mini Life Coaches by the Civic Mayor, Councillor Majid Khan. The event shared many inspirational examples of young people making a positive impact in their communities.

PSHCE Subject Leader Diary published in 'Everything Curriculum' magazine

Well done to our wonderful PSHCE subject leader, Miss Wright, who leads our PSHCE work with great commitment and enthusiasm. We were thrilled to be approached by a national magazine, 'Everything Curriculum', to contibute an article about our approach to the teaching of PSHCE. We have shared the article below. To read the full 'Everything Curriculum' magazine, please click here.


Competition Successes

National Schools' Handwriting Competition Success – Cambridge University Press

We are proud to share that from over 12 000 entries, Copley Junior has once again achieved great success in the National Schools’ Handwriting Competition 2019. This continues the success we have achieved over the past few years. Well done to everyone who entered and congratulations to:

  • Connie M - 1st place age 11
  • Stanley S - 2nd place age 9
  • Isla P - 2nd place age 8 (after coming 1st last year and a different judge this year, so a great achievement)

Our very own Miss Passant entered the staff competition and she won 1st place – so well done to Miss Passant too! Our winners all received a lovely Cross handwriting pen as their prize. In school we encourage a high standard of handwriting and presentation of work. Many thanks to Miss Passant who organised our involvement in the competition.

In 2018, our successes were as follows:

  • Isla P1st place in the category for 7-8 year olds 

In 2017, our successes were as follows:

  • Afreen N1st place in the category for 8 year olds
  • Sapphire W – 2rd place in the category for 11 year olds

In 2016, our successes were as follows:

  • Haashir N2nd place in the category for 7 year olds
  • Sapphire W3rd place in the category for 10 year olds
  • Daniel S – highly commended in the category for 9 year olds
  • Copley Junior School was placed 2nd out of all schools nationally

Architecture Competition Winners - Design a New Eco-Friendly Building for Doncaster

We were successful in our application for our Green Team to take part in Doncaster's Architecture Competition led by Doncaster Civic Trust and supported by a group of students studying for their Masters Degree in Architecture at Sheffield University.

The students visited our school and met with the Eco-Council to help the children develop their creative design for a new eco-friendly building in Doncaster. The students inspired the children greatly and the Eco-Council enjoyed developing their plans and their own creative design skills.  

We were very excited to learn that out of all the schools in Doncaster we had won 1st prize and that our prize was £500! We received feedback that the judges "were very impressed with the quality of the proposed design. They thought that the Children's Museum was well-designed and if built would be a wonderful architectural complement to the Council Office and Cast Theatre. The model was well-constructed and helped the judges gain a useful impression of how the real building might look. In addition, the judges noted that a particular strength of the entry was the thoughtful pre-design work carried out to develop ideas for the building."

We intend to spend our prize money on resources to support the children in producing more fantastic design work and also to fund an individual eco-friendly themed prize for each of the Green Team members. Many thanks to Miss Passant and Miss Walker for organising and supporting our entry in the competition with such enthusiasm.


Please visit our 'Sports Competitions' page to view details of our success in sports competitions by clicking here.


School Awards 2019

Our Year 6 Graduation Ceremony in July was attended by all the Year 6 pupils and it was lovely to see so many parents, relatives, staff and governors at the event. The formal part of the evening saw a speech made by the Head teacher and each child was presented with their Leaver's Certificate to the applause of the audience. The formal part of the evening concluded with the presentation of the Curriculum Prizes and the Head teacher’s Award. Winners of the awards were presented with their trophies, engraved with their name, to keep as a memory of their achievement at Copley Junior School.


Curriculum Prizes 2019

Curriculum prizes are awarded by an accumulation of recommendations from each teacher over the full four years at Copley Junior School. The recommendations are made for children who have demonstrated determination to succeed, have made significant progress or have excelled over time in the subject. We are just as keen to reward effort and the overcoming of barriers to learning as excellence and high levels of achievement.

English Award 2019

Jamie T

Emily F

Maths Award 2019

Grace L

Charlotte N

Science Award 2019

Domas L

Neve R

Sports Award 2019

Connie M

Arts Award 2019

Zoe L

Afreen N


Head teacher’s Award 2019

The Head teacher’s Award is given in recognition of the demonstration of the key learner values which we hold dear at Copley Junior School. These include academic endeavour, cheerfulness, getting fully involved in school life, integrity, showing a good example to and caring for others and enjoying all that school has to offer.

Head teacher’s Award 2019

Omar K

Amelia F

Lewis Siddall Sports Trophy

The Lewis Siddall Sports Trophy is awarded annually in memory of Mr Siddall, who did so much to promote enjoyment and participation in sport. The award is presented to a pupil who loves sport and P.E., always joins in with enthusiasm and consistently demonstrates superb sporting behaviour.

2019 Award Winner - Haashir N

2018 Award Winner - Jenny M

2017 Award Winner - Tilly S

2016 Award Winner - Ellyn H

House Point Awards
As children progress through school, they can collect House Points for effort, great work, politeness, helpfulness and consideration to others. As well as gaining the House Points for their House, children can collect individual House Point rewards - 100 House Point certificate, bronze badge, silver badge, gold badge, special award badge, Head teacher award badge and, finally, our highest award of a House Point trophy. In July 2019 we awarded our highest ever number of House Point trophies!