Copley Junior School

Lunchtimes at Copley

We all love eating together in the dining room at lunchtimes! When asked, pupils said that they would like to spend less time queueing, more opportunity to choose who they sit with and spend more time outside enjoying the fresh air and brilliant outdoor space that we have at Copley. So, to make lunchtimes even better and to improve the dining experience, we made some changes to our routines. 

At Copley, we value our community spirit and support each other in any way we can. For this reason, we eat our lunch in the dining hall in our 'Houses'. This means we can spend time with our siblings and friends in other year groups, we can help younger pupils to develop their skills when using their knives and forks and we don't have to spend as much time queueing! Miss BB also sourced another dining table with the help of the CSA so we have even more space to sit and enjoy our lunch. Now, we enjoy eating in the dining hall even more than we did before and have more time to play outside! 

Another great thing about lunchtimes is that we now have lunchtime leaders! Pupils from Year 5 and Year 6 volunteer to help out in the hall, filling water jugs and helping to reward children who are spotted doing a great job at lunchtime. We have a 'token' reward system where pupils can earn points for their house by being great role models at lunchtime. Each week, the winning house gets a prize! We even have music and place settings in the hall on special occasions. 

Check out our new 'Winter Menu' for Autumn Term 2022 and Spring Term 2023

Lunchtime Wristbands

Following consultation with governors, pupils and members of the Parent Forum we introduced a lunchtime wristband system to ensure that all children are able to choose their main meal choice every day.

A simplified menu is displayed in the classrooms each week. Every morning when teachers complete the electronic register, children’s menu choices are recorded and numbers submitted to the school kitchen. This means our school cook is able to prepare the number of each meal option required and this ensures children all receive their meal of choice.

Just before lunchtime each day teachers can refer to the electronic dinner register and children put on their coloured wristband as appropriate:

Red= Main meal, meat choice

Green= Vegetarian choice

Children wear their wristbands as they go into lunch so kitchen staff know which option to serve to each child. Wristbands are collected after each child has eaten so that we are ready for the next day. Wristbands are sterilised each week. 

As well as their main meal choice, pupils also have access to a daily selection of salad and vegetable options to accompany their meal. In addition, a range of desserts, including some well-loved traditional favourites, are served throughout the week including a daily fruit salad and yogurt option. These do not need to be selected before lunchtime as there is a wide range on offer every day.