Copley Junior School

School Staff

Leadership Team

Miss A. Blades-Baker - Head teacher

Miss R. Cottrell - Deputy Head teacher

Miss P. Havercroft - Assistant Head teacher and SENCO


(The number of employees whose gross salary exceeded £100K in the 2021-2022 financial year: 0 )


Teaching Staff

Miss H. Carrington - Opal Class (Year 3)

Miss R. Cottrell - Pearl Class (Year 3)

Miss S. Tierney - Emerald Class (Year 4)

Mrs S. Westerman - Aquamarine Class (Year 4)

Miss C. Wright - Diamond Class (Year 5)

Miss L. Hull - Topaz Class (Year 5)

Miss P. Havercroft - Amethyst Class (Year 6)

Mrs N. Henfield - Jet Class (Year 6)


Classroom Based Support Staff

Mrs L. Green - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mr D. Henry - Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Sports Specialist

Mrs J. Docherty - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs A. Elkington - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs S. Drake - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs H. Gray - Learning Support Assistant

Miss B. Middleton - Learning Support Assistant

 Mrs S. Smith - Learning Support Assistant


Office Staff

Mrs E. Roebuck - Office Manager

Mrs K. Taylor - Administrative Assistant


Midday Supervisors

Mrs M. Jones - Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs J. Docherty - Midday Supervisor

Mrs H. Gray - Midday Superviso

Miss B. Middleton - Midday Supervisor

Mrs K. Taylor - Midday Supervisor

Our Site Manager

Mr J. Whitfield
Mr J. Whitfield

Our Catering Team