Copley Junior School

Learning at Home

Learning never stops at Copley and adults in school love to see the learning that you have been doing at home. Any work that you do can be posted to your Seesaw account and brought in to school. You can share any of your learning from outside the classroom, not just your homework set by the teachers. 

Your Home Learning Challenge Grid for each term will be posted here as well as on your Seesaw account so you will never miss the next challenge! 

Year 3 Home Learning Grids

Autumn Term - Through the Ages

Spring Term - Rocks, Relics and Rumbles

Summer Term - Emperors and Empires

Year 4 Home Learning Grids

Autumn Term - Invasion

Spring Term - Misty Mountain, Winding River

Summer Term - Ancient Civilisations

Year 5 Home Learning Grids

Autumn Term - Dynamic Dynasties

Spring Term - Sow, Grow, Farm

Summer Term - Ground Breaking Greeks

Year 6 Home Learning Grids

Autumn Term - Maafa

Spring Term - Frozen Kingdom

Summer Term - Britain at War