Copley Junior School

SIMS Parent Lite

Keeping accurate pupil data is very important to our school. We need to ensure data is correct for communication purposes and for the safety and well-being of your child.

In order to keep our data accurate, whilst providing convenience to parents/carers, we use the SIMS Parent Lite app. This app is simple and free for parents/carers to use and offers the ability to amend and update your child’s information from your phone. 

From the app you can make changes to your child’s contact information, medical details and dietary requirements. Please check the data we hold on file for your child and, if required, amend this accordingly. Please note it is vital that we have three contact numbers if at all possible so that we are always able to make contact if we need to do so.

Rest assured that Sims Parent Lite complies with GDPR best practice.


Parent Guide to SIMS Parent Lite App