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Languages at Copley 

Key Stage 2 Scheme of Work for French

At Copley Junior School, all children have opportunity to learn French as a Modern Foreign Language. Lessons are interactive and fun, with lots of songs, games and stories. All sessions follow a carefully planned Scheme of Work adapted and tailored from our core scheme ‘La Jolie Ronde’, as set out below.  This ensures we cover fully the National Curriculum Programmes of Study for Modern Foreign Languages and provide a systematic progression of skills.

If you would like to view the National Curriculum Programmes of Study for Modern Foreign Languages, please click here.

To read our Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement for MFL, please click here.

Different elements of assessment are undertaken each half term and this will be either as a listening, speaking, reading or writing assessment using our Copley bepoke assessment model for Modern Foreign Languages.

As part of our carefully designed curriculum, we plan links to international study and we are proud to have been accredited with the International Schools Award at Foundation Level. 

French Curriculum Overview

Year 3

Year 5

Year 4

Year 6